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Against Transparency

The perils of openness in government.

Oct 2009
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One Way Forward

Renowned Harvard law professor Lessig presents a wise manifesto for fixing what’s wrong with America and giving us back a real voice in how we are governed.

Code Is Law

On liberty in cyberspace.

Jan 2000

Innovation, Regulation, and the Internet

Finding the balance of power in cyberspace as broadband enters the political chatroom.

The People Own Ideas!

Do we want music, software, and books to be free—or not?

In Defense of Piracy

Digital technology has made it easy to create new works from existing art, but copyright law has yet to catch up.

How to Get Our Democracy Back

There will be no change until we change Congress.

Feb 2010

Democracy after Citizens United

Congress is a paradigm case of institutional corruption. The framers intended Congress to be “dependent upon the People alone,” but the private funding of public campaigns has bred within Congress a conflicting dependency.

Sep 2010
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How I Lost the Big One

When Eric Eldred’s crusade to save the public domain reached the Supreme Court, it needed the help of a lawyer, not a scholar.

Mar 2004

For the Love of Culture

Google, copyright, and our future.

Feb 2010