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Teaching Good Sex

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Ticked Off

Thousands of New Jersey parents felt relief when their sick children were finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. Then the CDC called the epidemic bogus, and all hell broke loose.
Mar 1995
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Sick and Poor in Chicago: Jackie Shoulders Burden of Home Care

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Troubled Courts, Troubled Kids: Juvenile Court, DCFS Violate Law, Leave Children in Limbo

Last month a court-appointed panel of experts charged that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has betrayed its mission to protect the state’s abused and neglected children. Now, a two-month investigation by The Chicago Reporter has documented how thousands of children in the state’s care are denied the chance to grow up in stable, permanent homes. The Reporter reviewed court records and interviewed children and foster parents. Their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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The Husband and Wives Club

Would you tell nine relative strangers the deepest secrets of your marriage? One weekend, these five couples did, and with truth came consequences.

Feb 2010
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Can You Really Predict the Success of a Marriage in 15 Minutes?

An excerpt from Laurie Abraham’s The Husbands and Wives Club.

Mar 2010
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Can This Marriage Be Saved?

In a year long group exchange, a therapist and several troubled couples examine whether a crumbling union can be put back together again.

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Separation Anxiety

When James Goodrich separated the head-joined twins Carl and Clarence Aguirre a year ago, he performed a singular medical feat. He also entered a world of squabbling over just what, exactly, he accomplished.

Aug 2005
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The Perfect Little Bump

Many of the city’s mothers-to-be are counting every carb and pushing their heart-rate monitors to the limit to stay skinny and sexy while pregnant. Is this harmless vanity? Or a New York obsession gone too far?

May 2005
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Anatomy of a Whistleblower

Is Jesselyn Radack’s story of being persecuted by the Justice Department typical of what happens to those who speak against the Bush administration? Or is hers a more complicated tale?

Feb 2004