The X-Files

Israeli immigrant Jacob “Cookie” Orgad was an unlikely godfather: a king of the international ecstasy market whose subjects included strippers, Hasidic teens and a Texas couple with a retarded son.

Sep 2001
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They Call It Suicide

An investigation into the mysterious deaths of the Guarani Indians of Brazil.

Jun 2000

True Adventures in Ecuador

One man’s picaresque journey into Ecuador, from colonial Quito to a brand-new eco-lodge in the rain forest, then into the Amazon basin to the active Tungurahua volcano and back again.

Jan 2013

Final Cut

By filming my father’s death, I hoped to bring our troubled relationship into focus.

Jun 2006

The Whiskey Robber Talks!

He made bank tellers swoon. He was madly pursued by the Mound of Asshead. In a rare prison interview, the Robin Hood of Hungary looks back at his wild ride through the ruins of the Soviet bloc.

Dec 2005

Slam It, Baby!

The women of the WNBA still don’t dunk. But do male sportswriters really want to see women dunk so badly, or just dunk badly?

Sep 1999

Operation Easter

The hunt for illegal egg collectors.

Jul 2013

Magic Mountain

On a rollicking high-altitude adventure, the author goes in search of the real Park City, Utah (and one very elusive local character), among glamorous new hotels and restaurants, Olympic ski champions, and a whole lot of fresh powder.

Jan 2011

The New Costa Rica

Nearly a generation after it more or less invented eco-travel, Costa Rica is not what one might expect.

Nov 2007

Highway to Hell

When legendary Hells Angels leader “Mom” Boucher goes on trial, a seven-year reign of terror in Canada may finally end. But can anything stop the bloodshed from spreading to the States?

Mar 2002

Rocky Mountain High

Old West mining village, countercultural hot spot, super-glamorous ski destination: the author returns to Aspen, the resort town of his youth, and finds an intoxicating, high-altitude mix of serious arts and music, audacious wealth, chic restaurants, and dangerously good skiing.

Jan 2009

Riga Remade

In this pretty, post-Soviet capital on the Baltic Sea, a city reinventing itself.

May 2007
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Being John McEnroe

“Johnny Mac,” Jack Nicholson once said, “Don’t Ever Change.” He hasn’t.

Monday Night Football’s Hail Mary

Rush Limbaugh almost became the new Howard Cosell. Instead, Dennis Miller got the nod, but the challenge remains the same: Make sports more like the rest of what we see on TV—just as Vince McMahon wants to do with his crazy new league.

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The Chosen One

Castro made him an outcast and New York is rejoicing. Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez is the Cuban missile that struck at the heart of America.

Sep 1999
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Sleeping Giant

Will history remember Sugar Shane?
Jan 1999
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Suffer in Silence

Even the military and the Catholic church have addressed the issue, but not men’s professional sports, the last bastion of intolerance.

Nov 1998