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Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors at $1 a Share

On January 26, 2008, a 30-year-old part-time entrepreneur named Mike Merrill decided to sell himself on the open market and let his new stockholders decide what he should do with his life.

Mar 2013
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John McAfee’s Last Stand

How did a wildly successful tech mogul become the most wanted wild man in Belize?
Dec 2012
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Arab Spring Break

Last year, Chris Jeon, a 21-year-old UCLA math major, left his $9,000-a-month internship at a financial firm in San Francisco in search of “real” experience. He wound up fighting with the rebels in Libya, where things got real fast.

Sep 2012
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The New Diamond Age

Armed with inexpensive, mass-produced gems, two startups are launching an assault on the De Beers cartel. Next up: the computing industry.
Sep 2003
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The Crypto-Currency

Bitcoin and its mysterious inventor.

Oct 2011
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Dave Sanders: Fiber-Optics Exec by Day, Defender of Justice by Night

Nov 2011
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How Elon Musk Turned Tesla into the Car Company of the Future

Oct 2010
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“If We Run Out of Batteries, This War Is Screwed.”

Jun 2003
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Say Hello to Stanley

Stanford’s souped-up Volkswagen blasted through the Mojave Desert, blew away the competition, and won Darpa’s $2 million Grand Challenge. Buckle up, human—the driverless car of the future is gaining on you.

Jan 2006
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Come to LeBow Country

Feb 2003
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The Mystery of the Coca Plant That Wouldn’t Die

The war on Colombia’s drug lords is losing ground to an herbicide-resistant supershrub. Is it a freak of nature—or a genetically modified secret weapon?

Nov 2004
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The Fire Rebels

They’re taking on the American firefighting establishment with a precision method of dousing flames. The hot new way to save lives and burning buildings: bursts of delicate fog.

Jun 2005
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Race to the Bottom

A maverick Australian prospector is planning to scoop untold riches—gold, silver, copper—from the bottom of the ocean. Is it a cleaner way to mine or the beginning of an environmental disaster?

Mar 2007
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Secret Geek a-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web

Dan Kaminsky was alone in his Seattle apartment when he discovered a security vulnerability that could leave banks, online retailers, and ISPs open to hackers.

Nov 2008
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Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder

Jun 2007
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The Fall of Randolph Hobson Guthrie III

Born to wealth and privilege. Busted as the kingpin of an international DVD piracy ring. How a rich geek went from the penthouse to the pen.
Oct 2005
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The Secret World of Lonelygirl

How a 19-year-old actress and a few struggling Web filmmakers took on TV.

Dec 2006
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Instant Detox

Kick heroin in 24 hours—no willpower, withdrawal, or preaching required. Call it a cure. Call it junk science. Call it the one-step program.

Jan 2005
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The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist

Mar 2009
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High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace

Feb 2008