True Confessions from First Class

Who says that flying always has to be a drag? Let’s take a dream vacation: totally airborne, totally luxury.

Sep 2007

Baja (Not-So) Fresh

The hazards of driving really fast off-road in an off-road truck designed to go really fast.

May 2005

Can David Beckham Conquer America?

Let’s see. He’s the most famous man in the world, loved and adored by all, rich beyond imagination, married to a beautiful pop star, and only 28 years old. What’s left? Just one little thing …

Aug 2003

Morbid Seduction, You’re Needed in the Counter-Strike Arena Immediately

The brave new world of tomorrow’s superstar: The Cyberathlete.
Apr 2001

Who’s Afraid of the Persian Gulf?

In Dubai, Porsche’s 520-hp Cayenne Turbo S is the caravan of choice.

May 2006

Iced Out

One Bentley Continental GT, on ice, across the vastness of Sweden.

Apr 2005

Jeff Corwin’s Wild Life

On camera, he gets attacked by hyenas, drooled on by bears, and tormented by howler monkeys. Off camera, things get even weirder. Three days on the road with the world’s greatest nature-show host.

Jan 2002

Green Means Go

As the dust of big auto settles a Danish man is reinventing the American automobile.

Mar 2009

The Hardest Working Phenom in Tennis

When you’re Andy Roddick, a.k.a. the Next Great American, there’s no such thing as a vacation.

Jun 2003

The Easy, Breezy Riviera Maya

Five all-inclusive resorts on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Apr 2005

The Next Picture Show

How a group of under-the-radar snowboarding filmmakers created one of the most innovative action-sports empires.

Sep 2011

My Son Is Better …

If you don’t think Jerron Love is the perfect guard, his dad will find someone who does.

Giving Himself Room to Roam

After a long spell of intense focus on one company, Paul Budnitz, founder of Kidrobot, is finding there’s nothing quite as liberating as being all over the place.

Jun 2011

Extremely Mobile Devices

How Silicon Valley engineers are transforming cars into very smart, very fast and increasingly opinionated information systems.

Sep 2011

Please God Stop the Rain

The day, one year ago, that Hurricane Irene nearly drowned Prattsville, New York, population 700.

Aug 2012

Driving the King’s Road

With the King’s Road as his route, the author embarks upon a journey of royal proportions, from the coast of Finland to the heart of Russia.

Apr 2005
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Westminster: Welcome to the Big Time, Kid

Feb 2012
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Welcome to the Wildwood Dog Show: Now, Watch Where You Step

Feb 2012

It Only Looks Easy

He’s the cool boss, the take-a-year-off-to-snowboard guy, the company owner who leads by doing only what he loves. But he’s also an intense and talented businessman-which is the real story of why Jake Burton of Burton Snowboards utterly dominates a $400 million industry.

Mar 2006
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Skiing Iran

As you may have heard, they ski in Iran. As you may not have heard, the terrain is pretty sweet, there are dudes bouncing on the chairlifts, and the hills are alive with happy women in flowing robes. Can we make peace with this place immediately?

Aug 2007

World Elephant Polo Championships

As a team of rookies at the World Elephant Polo Championships, we were set up for embarrassment. Instead we tasted glory.

Nov 2009

Seth MacFarlane’s $2 Billion Family Guy Empire

“Family Guy” creator’s business sense is arguably even more shocking than his sense of humor.

Oct 2008

Win. Wipe Out. Repeat.

Nicky Hayden can fly around a track at 200 miles per hour better than just about anyone. That is, when he’s upright. The bumpy ride of an American in the extremely fast lane.
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Landon Donovan Isn’t Finished

Soccer’s hardest-working man has spent a lifetime developing the endurance, speed, and smarts needed to close the deal when it counts.

Dec 2010