The Swarm

What if you discovered an invasive species that seems drawn to electricity—in your outlets, appliances, laptops and TVs—and no one would listen?

The Dream Academy

B.Y.U.’s animation program is not your typical film school. And that’s why its graduates actually get jobs.

Schlock and Awwww

Every week, Ty Pennington brings the American Dream to a deserving family. What a freakin’ jerk.

Nov 2007

Who Would Kill a Monk Seal?

An endangered-species murder mystery.

Do-It-Yourself Genetic Engineering

In the burgeoning field of synthetic biology, even amateur scientists are building life forms.

The Lost Tribes of RadioShack

Tinkerers search for new spiritual home.

Apr 2010
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A Curious Attraction

On the quest for antigravity.

Oct 2007

The Recluse

Recollections of a friendship with a hermetic poet.
May 2012

Raiders of the Lost R2

Excavating a galaxy far, far away.

Mar 2009

The End Is Near! (Yay!)

Feeling anxious about global warming and economic collapse? In towns like Sandpoint, Idaho, people are trying to look on the bright side of an America with less.

What’s a Monkey to Do in Tampa?

A lone rhesus monkey, running loose in the streets of Tampa, has become a wildly popular, if elusive, public figure. A dispatch from the Republican convention host city.

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The History and Mystery of the High Five

A timeless gesture, but someone went up top first. That’s where it gets complicated.

This Old Recyclable House

Every year, we demolish 250,000 homes and bury the debris. What if all those floors and joists and beams were reused?

The Sleep-Industrial Complex

While you’ve been tossing and turning, research scientists, pharmaceutical companies and mattress designers have been hard at work on your eternal nocturnal problem. But what exactly is the problem?

Pigeon Wars

The trials and moral tribulations of keeping bird populations under control.

Twelve Easy Pieces

Apples to apples.

A Disciplined Business

The creation of online pornography is becoming more acceptable, more rarefied and more challenging financially. That’s enough to turn on Peter Acworth.

The Unintended Consequences of Hyperhydration

Health-conscious Americans consume 30 billion single-serving containers of bottled water a year. Supporters of new bottle bills are trying to figure out what to do with all the plastic.

The Afterlife of Cellphones

A growing international trade in discarded mobile phones is helping the world’s poor. But will it poison the earth?

Rescue Flight

The fight to save the North American whooping crane.

Guerilla Gardening

Reclaiming green space one anarchic, get-your-hands-dirty, grab-a-flat-of-perennials-and-a-trowel act at a time.

The BP-Spill Baby-Turtle Brigade

How a vast and well-organized group of amateur enthusiasts helped save their beloved creatures.

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The Self-Storage Self

What is it about Americans that makes us store elsewhere all that stuff we accumulate?

The Modern Kennel Conundrum

Puggles, Labradoodles, Maltipoos, Bagels. Is a hyperdesigned hybrid dog a better dog, an overpriced mutt of a dog or no dog at all?