How Chris McCandless Died

A new paper presents hitherto unknown evidence that appears to close the book on the cause of Christopher McCandless’s death.

Sep 2013
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Living under the Volcano

The experts believe Mount Rainier will give plenty of notice before it erupts again—the problem is that it can kill in other ways.

Get It While It's Hot

Fire-walking gurus are touting their fancy footwork as the quickest route to self-improvement.

Aug 1984

Is It Time to Forgive Greg Mortenson?

Two years after Jon Krakauer revealed that Greg Mortenson’s book Three Cups of Tea was riddled with lies and his charity was being mismanaged, many questions remain unanswered. In a new report, Krakauer reveals that the charity continues to waste donated dollars and Mortenson is still dodging accountability.

Apr 2013

The Forgotten Ground Zero

Nagasaki, reduced to ashes by an atomic bomb, rises again in beauty, grace and good will.

Mar 1995
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The Superkids

What makes young Olympians is calm nerve and confidence, not pressure from Mom & Dad.

Feb 1988
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Descent to Mars

A thousand feet beneath the surface of the earth–twisting, crawling and climbing their way through one of the most spectacular caves in the world–a team of NASA scientists hope to discover rock-eating microbes that may populate the Red Planet.

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Ron Arnold and Alan Gottlieb have money, muscle, and something to say to millions of angry Americans. Uh-oh … there goes the biosphere.

Dec 1991
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Yosemite, Mon Amour

Despite the Blue Beast and Eurodogs, some people just can’t help it. Direct from 3,600 feet, the latest word on America’s rock-climbing mecca, where it’s getting hard to be a romantic.

Oct 1990
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After the Fall

A modern climbing story.

Jun 1990

Gen. McChrystal’s Credibility Problem

The man chosen by Barack Obama to lead the war in Afghanistan also helped cover up the friendly-fire death of NFL player turned soldier Pat Tillman, writes Jon Krakauer, author of the bestselling biography of Tillman, Where Men Win Glory. He administered a fraudulent medal recommendation to keep the public in the dark. So why isn’t anybody talking about it?

Oct 2009

Where Men Win Glory

Pat Tillman walked away from a multimillion-dollar NFL contract to join the Army and became an icon of post-9/11 patriotism. When he was killed in Afghanistan two years later, a legend was born. But the real Pat Tillman was much more remarkable, and considerably more complicated than the public knew. Here’s the first chapter of the bestselling book.

Sep 2009
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Into the Wild

Published initially as an article in “Outside” magazine, Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” became a immediate bestseller. Here’s Chapter One of the now-classic book.

Jan 1993

Under the Banner of Heaven

Jon Krakauer’s multi-layered, bone-chilling narrative of messianic delusion, polygamy, savage violence, and unyielding faith. Here’s an excerpt from the bestselling book.

Jul 2003
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Into Thin Air

Published initially as an article in “Outside” magazine, Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” became an immediate bestseller. Here’s an excerpt from the now-classic book.

Apr 1997

Why Is Nepal Cracking down on Tibetan Refugees?

Economic pressures are causing the Chinese neighbor to reverse longstanding policies.

Dec 2011

Trafficking: A Report from the Field

On efforts to curb the luring of Nepalese women into prostitution.

Dec 2011

Lions in Winter

Tracking Idaho’s big cats is all in a snowy day’s work on a volunteer vacation.

May 1993
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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

This classic article explores the work of Christopher Alexander, iconoclastic architect of international repute, and author of some of the most important ideas in architecture of the last century.

Dec 1985

To Save Afghanistan, Look to Its Past

Any one of the crises Afghanistan faces would justify convening a loya jirga, or grand assembly. But the most compelling reason for doing so is to select a president.

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The Sisyphean Paradox

How do we reconcile our relative comfort and a sense of society’s–or the world’s–impending doom?

Jul 2010
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Loving Them to Death

It’s the “wilderness experience” at its most extreme—rehabilitation of wayward teenagers delivered with the in-your-face discipline of a boot camp. But in the past five years at least four young people have died, the victims of alleged beatings, starvation, and emotional abuse, and the so-called therapy is looking more like murder.

Oct 1995
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Mark Foo’s Last Ride

He rewrote the rules of big-wave surfing and turned it into a high-stakes thrill show. When the biggest, baddest new surf break started to churn out 40-foot waves, it was inevitable that he’d be there.

May 1995

Will There Be Any Wilderness Left?

Whereas the Grand Canyon was once treacherously wild, today 5 million visit it each year. With ballooning population and the popularity of backcountry adventuring, places untouched by humanity may soon disappear.

Nov 1999