Is Everything to Your Liking Mr. Samaranch?

Landing the greatest sporting event on earth requires a dash of seduction, a pinch of politics, and shameless quantities of palm grease. A recipe for bringing the Games to your hometown.

Aug 1996
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Before There Was Paradise

Molokai is one of the least populated of the Hawaiian Islands, but for years it made Hawaii the most notorious place on earth.

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Meet John, er, Jane Doe

Dr. Stanley Biber, with a nip here and a tuck there, has put tiny Trinidad, Colorado, on the map as the sex-change capital of America.

Dec 1991
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Project Wife

In which one American, armed with a visa, a score card, no small measure of hope, and thirty unpronounceable names plucked from the internet, seeks true happiness.

Dec 2000

The Colony

In this chapter from his bestselling book, the author details life inside the notorious Hawaiian leper colony of Kalaupapa—and tells the incredible story of Walter Murray Gibson, the first white man to claim ownership of the island of Lanai.

Jan 2007

Trouble on Fantasy Island

Twentieth Century Fox sought out an isolated tropical beach in Thailand. Then they put Leonardo DiCaprio on it. And then created a vision of wilderness despoiled by a tale of wilderness despoiled. Out of which unfolds a media fable with real-life consequences in a world haunted by travelers’ dreams of paradise.

Jan 2000


A tale of big money, prison, Disney World, and the world’s foremost dinosaur-hunting twins.

May 2001
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The Pest Solution

The story of a quiet Louisiana city suddenly beset by oversexed, orange-toothed rodents, and the good-old-boy Chinese-American sheriff who had no choice but to send his SWAT team after them.

Jun 1996

17,000 Calories to Victory

When former NFL hit man Darryl Haley lumbered into the Ironman, he knew that he would become the biggest thing triathlon has ever seen.

Mar 1997
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Cast off, Characters!

It’s a four-year, billion-dollar competition that can restore or ruin reputations and turn deep eccentricity into high entertainment. Batten down the hatches for the America’s Cup.