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The Doctor Is In

A technique for producing No. 1 songs.

Oct 2013

Rocking in Shangri-La

Not only has MTV redefined American popular culture but it has created an evolutionary corporate culture, where the real power brokers are those who are “in the demo”—employees under the age of twenty-five.

Oct 1994

The Beach Builders

Can the Jersey Shore be saved?

Jul 2013

The Money Note

Can the record business survive?

Jul 2003

The White Dress

What should nurses wear?

Mar 2002

Home on the Net

E-mail was last year’s way of communicating. This year, it’s the Web site: a virtual home where millions can visit you.

Oct 1995

The Price of the Ticket

What does it take to get to see your favorite band?

Aug 2009

Network Insecurity

Are we losing the battle against cyber crime?

May 2013

It Came from Hollywood

What happens when the top F/X man collaborates with an M.I.T. scientist?

Dec 2003
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Building a better apple.

Nov 2011

The Geek of Chic

How Federico Marchetti brought e-commerce to fashion.

Sep 2012
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Why Is the Force Still with Us?

The Star Wars trilogy touched audience around the world in ways that no other movies ever have. It also ushered in the soulless action flick and the kind of merchandising that brings us R2-D2 beverage coolers. George Lucas discusses the making of an American myth.

Jan 1997

Gates at the Temple

Bill Gates is striving onward with his vision of the future, but is he overlooking something?

Dec 1995

Good Morning, Middle America

Home shopping is where catalogue shopping was twenty years ago. While big-name designers still shun the tube, the new generation is getting interactive.

Nov 1994

Kingsley’s Ransom

There’s been a shift in the way the stars and the press deal with each other, and it’s because publicists like Pat Kingsley hold the cards.

Mar 1994

The Big Sellout

Is creative independence a luxury we can no longer afford?

Oct 1997

Child’s Play

What makes a toy fun?

Dec 2003

Born Slippy

America's top two women's figure skaters glide through the gauntlet of fame, pressure, and a vanishing childhood.

Jan 1998

Hello, Hal

Will we ever get a computer we can really talk to?

Jun 2008

The Spinach King

At a Seabrook Farms reunion, confronting painful family histories became a shared experience for the descendants of Japanese war internees and the heirs of C. F. Seabrook—“the Henry Ford of agriculture,” and the author’s grandfather.

Feb 1995

Fragmentary Knowledge

Was the Antikythera Mechanism the world’s first computer?

May 2007

The Many Lives of David Geffen

Billions of dollars and decades of hits later, L.A.’s impresario of cool is reinventing the role of the Hollywood mogul.

Feb 1998
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The Fruit Detective

Searching the globe for the next must-eat treat.

Aug 2002
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The Flash of Genius

Bob Kearns and his patented windshield wiper have been winning millions of dollars in settlements from the auto industry, and forcing the issue of who owns an idea.

Jan 1993