Justice Prevails

Fate made Atlanta Brave David Justice a star, but it took marriage to actress Halle Berry to put him on top of the world.

Like Father, Like Son

Ole Miss will never forget Archie, but Peyton is the Manning of the year with recruiters from Oxford to Ann Arbor.

Get a Load of Me!

Former heavyweight champion Buster Douglas, the man who smoked Tyson, is tasting the good life—in a very big way.

Who Is This Clown?

Is he one of America’s greatest football coaches or is there something funny going on here?

The Headliner

Strikeout king David Cone hopes the news he makes as a Kansas City Royal will be about baseball, not off-the-field shenanigans.

Sugar Shaq

Life is sweet indeed for Shaquille O’Neal, the Orlando Magic’s man-child in the promised land.

A Block at Tackle

The quiet strength that made Art Shell the game’s best left tackle has also made him the rock-solid coach of the Raiders.

The Rap

The word on Atlanta’s Andre Rison is that he’s bad news, but he insists that’s all jive.

Pryor Restraint

As Aaron Pryor, ex-boxing champion and ex-addict, fights to stay clean, his life is again full of promise.

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Barry Sadler, With a Bullet

In 1966, this Green Beret Sergeant had the number-one song in the country. In September 1988 he was shot in the head in central America, leaving larger-than-life legends, several theories, and perhaps the truth somewhere in between.

Apr 1990

Broken Promise

Three devastating injuries in three NFL seasons have kept Miami’s Steve Emtman from fulfilling his huge potential—so far.

Babying Himself

Star runner Marshall Faulk of the Colts has rushed to the place where he’s most comfortable—the lap of luxury.

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An Accidental Hero: Beryl Shipley, 1926-2011

The onetime coach at Southwestern Louisiana was vilified for violating NCAA rules, but the author, who grew up in Cajun country, remembers him for doing something courageous: helping to integrate college basketball in the Deep South.

Emmitt Unplugged

High-voltage running back Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys may look as if he’s relaxing, but don’t be fooled.

Mr. Lonelyhearts

SWM, professional football player, seeks beautiful, intelligent young woman to help design dream house and create family equivalent of America’s Team. Must spend Sundays in crowded stadiums rooting for Dallas Cowboys. Dislike of 49ers and Redskins a plus.

Lord of the Realm

Baseball’s behind him. The surgery’s done. Now Deion Sanders can show why he’s the … Lord of the Realm.

Eagle Scout

Philadelphia’s fun-loving, straight-arrow quarterback Donovan McNabb, has fans eating out of his hand.

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The Best Years of His Life

Nothing would ever match his days playing college football. So why did the author hide from the team, and the teammates, who meant everything to him?

The Other Brother

Like his famous father, Archie, and younger siblings, Peyton and Eli, Cooper Manning had NFL-caliber talent. Then his body betrayed him.

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The Tomb of Rockmore

Can the startling discovery of some 1,400 paintings bring a great New Orleans artist back from the dead?

Feb 2011
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The One Left Behind

When athletes are young, sports seem to provide a solution to every problem the world has to offer. And then they don’t. The Holland twins and the wages of war.

So Young, So Old

Jayson Williams, the Nets’ rugged rebounder, is a 28-year-old grandfather still haunted by the death of two sisters from AIDS.

6 Shooters

A half-dozen players to a side is the rule in the wild and woolly brand of football played at tiny high schools in the rural West.

Blue Plate Special

Contrary to snide assertions in a teammate’s new book, New York Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet has a simple recipe for success: hard work.