The New Army Recruiting Pamphlet

Because you can’t spell “cutting-edge defense force” without F-U-N.

Aug 2005

Guns N’ Capital

After partying himself half to death in one of hard rock’s most successful—and excessive—acts, Duff McKagan got sober, then got his M.B.A.

I Will Be Your Server

Jul 2012

Dan McLaughlin’s 10,000-Hour Plan

… become a pro golfer.

Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Twitter Coach

The big man goes 140 characters at a time.

Do I Amuse You?

Is Jason Bateman as sharp and sarcastic in real life as he is onscreen? The author prays that the former child star won’t let him down as they roll through L.A. buying scented candles, hitting the car wash, and exploring the intricacies of the Jason B. hand roll.

Jun 2008
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What My Father Gave Me

Sometimes, I think my dad is nuts, but his belligerence had a purpose.

Jun 2012

Inside the Life of a Stock Flipper

Does the high-speed world of day trading have anything to teach hands-on investors?

Jun 2012

The Ultimate Fighting Machines

Two brothers built Station Casinos into a Vegas power. Now they’re hitting the jackpot with a sport once denounced as “human cockfighting.”

Nov 2006

The Accidental “Friend” Finder

Andrew Conru didn’t aspire to be a sex-industry mogul. But his $200 million empire attests to the old adage: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Apr 2007

Two Buck Chuck Takes a Bite Out of Napa

Fred Franzia, the man behind America’s favorite bargain vino, has a big mouth and an even bigger winemaking empire—one that’s scaring the bejeezus out of his elitist rivals.

Sep 2007

My Life as a Very Naughty Boy

Writer Joel Stein sets out to expand his horizons—or at least pick up a trick or two—in the city’s erogenous zones.

Joel Stein Has Four Accountants

Adventures in tax preparation.

A Road Trip across America

In search of barbecue, bluegrass, and a better understanding of his marriage, Joel Stein hits the open road on a bumpy cross-country tour.

Aug 2005

Matthew Fox

The surgeon and de facto leader on ABC’s “Lost” lives a Hawaiian lifestyle that’s as telegenic as he is.

Aug 2005
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What Really Goes on at Conventions in Vegas?

People act differently at a convention than they do at home. Way different.

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The Grownup

How did Governor Jerry Brown manage to rein in spending, raise taxes on the wealthy, and plug California’s $27 billion deficit? By scaring the hell out of people.

From the Web

Zach Galifianakis Hates to Be Loved

If the comedian didn’t suffer fans gladly before The Hangover made him famous, you should see him now.

May 2011