The Age of Indexing

Indexing has won. But has it won for the right reason? Or are investors merely doing what they’ve always done—chasing the latest hot thing?

Apr 1999

Cooking with Cisco

What does it take to keep a hot stock sizzling? An inside look at Cisco Systems, the technology stock of the moment and one of the great investment plays of a lifetime.

Dec 1995
By Exclusive

Nice Call, Guys

In 1987 two market analysts predicted the crash. But what have they done for us lately?

Oct 1989

High Noon

Both sides came out with lawyers blazing as federal antitrust chief Joel Klein’s prosecutors went gunning for the Bill Gates gang. Behind the scenes at the Microsoft trial.

Nov 1998

Unslick Willy

Shawn’s sleepy weekly.

Jan 1993

I Remember Microsoft

Once computing’s red-hot center, Microsoft now has a tough time retaining its best and brightest employees. Here, some who left reflect on what they learned—and why they find life on the outside so much more alluring.

Jul 2000
By Exclusive

The Gambler

Texas is full of people who bet the oil boom would never end. Jack Young is one of them. In 1981 his oil company earned $870 million. Today it’s all gone.

Jul 1983

Why Is He Still Smiling?

Bill Gross blew through $800 million in 8 months (and now he’s got nothing to show for it).

Mar 2001
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Who Really Moves the Market?

Securities analysts are Wall Street’s new stars: They bring in banking deals, make the calls that move billions in and out of stocks daily, and earn millions for themselves. They play a strange game with an odd set of rules. Here’s how it works.

Oct 1997
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Reversal of Fortune

The investors who turned against Worth Bruntjen forgot the first law of mutual funds: Caveat emptor.

Dec 1994
By Exclusive

The Ga-Ga Years

It seems so long ago when the market looked as if it would never stop rising.

Feb 1988
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Charlie Merrill and His Stock

Meet the man who brought Wall Street to Main Street.

Oct 1994
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Investing in a Fool’s Paradise

The Motley Fool, a new online service, set up a computer bulletin board dedicated to swapping news and information about the stock of Iomega. It started out as a small and friendly place. Then it became one of the hottest spots in cyberspace. Then it got nasty.

Apr 1996

Do You Believe?

How Yahoo! became a bluechip. A tale of how Wall Street and the rest of us learned to stop worrying and love an insanely valued Internet stock.

Jun 1999

The Quantitative, Data-Based, Risk-Massaging Road to Riches

Like other hedge-fund managers, Cliff Asness has made money in a lackluster market. But what he really wants is to prove that his geeky method can be the lasting legacy of the hedge-fund frenzy.

By Editors Recommend

The Long, Lonesome Road

Fred Thomas is schizophrenic. Seven years ago he entered a state mental hospital. Ever since, his life has been a jumble of doctors and drugs, hospitals and halfway houses. But like so many others in Texas’ abysmal mental health system, he is not one bit better today.

Nov 1986

Fatal Litigation

Leaky breast implants, high-powered litigators, and the critical mass of a mass tort.

Oct 1995

My Broker, My Friend

Why the author is sticking with an Old Economy full-service firm.

Jun 2000

“It’s Time to Make a Deal”

Take a trip inside a world you’ve never seen before—the billion-dollar world of a Wall Street merger—with an Amarillo oilman who’s staking a 25-year career on one wild roll of the dice.

Oct 1982

Saint Warren of Omaha

It’s easier to worship Warren Buffett than it is to understand what makes him a great investor.

Jul 1998

The Doctor Is Out

How Hunter Thompson killed New Journalism.

By Exclusive

George Steinbrenner, Welfare Case

Forget the Yankees. Here’s the lowdown on the Boss’s other life.
Jul 1990
By Exclusive

The Little Guy’s Little Guy

Is financial columnist Dan Dorfman wrong even when he’s right?
Sep 1989
By Exclusive

Five Years of Hard Putting

Did Boyd Jefferies’s piddling sentence match the crime he committed?
Dec 1989