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One Celtic’s Formula: Control, Contain, Curtail

No forward in the NBA does a better job on defense than Boston’s Satch Sanders. Still, come each September, Satch wonders if playing defense is going to be enough.

Feb 1967
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Dick Butkus: Happy Hero

The Bears’ middle linebacker is doing exactly what he always hoped he would. As long as people let him play his violent game in peace, he has few complaints.

Aug 1966

On to the Derby

“… For a jockey, Seattle Slew is the kind of horse you wait a career for, the horse you dream about from your first gallop …”

May 1977

Reasonable Doubt

When Cara Rintala was tried in a western Massachusetts courtroom for the murder of Annamarie Cochrane Rintala, it marked the first time in state history that a woman had been charged with killing her lawfully wedded wife. But did she?

Jun 2013
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Final Vision

In this long-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Fatal Vision, Joe McGinniss examines the never-ending case of Jeffrey MacDonald, accused of brutally killing his wife and two daughters in 1970.

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The Human Circus

More bad behavior unfolds as Joe McGinniss revisits a small New England town and discovers an absorbing true tale of crime and justice.

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The Selling of the President

Written during Nixon’s 1968 White House run, this was the first book to take an unvarnished look at the dirty game of campaign politics. Forty-five years later, it’s as relevant as ever.

What Ted Williams Is Like Today

The new manager found the players had changed in the eight years he’d been away. Had he?

Jun 1969
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Conning the Con Men of Kentucky

Two college boys hitchhiked 1,000 miles to Louisville, drank freely (and free), sneaked into the Derby—and even got to see the race.

Winning Hearts and Minds in South Carolina

If the turkey pluckers vote right, a defeated General may become a victorious Governor.

Apr 1974
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Imagine Law & Order set in Lake Wobegon. This is the world of 15 Gothic Street, about crime and justice in a small New England town.

Pipe Dreams

What Sarah Palin did (or didn’t do) to promote the development of a $40 billion gas pipeline will be a crucial part of her short history in office.

Mar 2009
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Second Thoughts of George McGovern

“I almost moved to England after the election.”

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The Resale of the President

A dispatch from the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami, where the author introduced Abbie Hoffman to Clare Boothe Luce.