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What the Hell

Dante in translation and in Dan Brown’s new novel.

May 2013
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Doubling Down

John Banville’s complicated lives.

Oct 2012
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Once upon a Time

The lure of the fairy tale.

Jul 2012
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The English Wars

The battle over the way we should speak.

May 2012
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The Politics of Hysteria

Over the past twenty years, multiple-personality disorder has been used to explain the behavior of thousands of women. How was it allowed to happen?

Apr 1998
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The Soloist

Jan 1998
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What it takes to go solo.

Dec 2005
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The Child Trap

The rise of overparenting.

Nov 2008
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Assassination on a Small Scale

Feb 2000
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You Got a Problem with That?

Why do New Yorkers seem rude? A noted critic and essayist has a few ideas.

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Cather and the Academy

Nov 1995
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Man of Mystery

Why do people love Stieg Larsson’s novels?

Jan 2011
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Secrets of Nijinsky

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Should we hate Judas Iscariot?

Aug 2009
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In the Blood

Why do vampires still thrill?

Mar 2009
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A Few Too Many

Is there any hope for the hung over?

May 2008
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The Typing Life

How writers used to write.

Apr 2007
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Why do writers stop writing?

Jun 2004
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The Spider’s Web

Louise Bourgeois and her art.

Feb 2002