In Conversation: Barney Frank

On the eve of his departure from Washington, the candid, caustic Massachusetts congressman talks with about Jon Stewart, Newt Gingrich, Tip O’Neill, Hillary Clinton, Fannie and Freddie …

Apr 2012


How brand-management theory persuaded a college star to put off the NBA.

Apr 2012

The Sins of the Coach

Bob Oliva was a beloved mentor and local Catholic-high-school basketball legend. Now two former players say he was also a child molester.

Mar 2011

Hell Nay, We Won’t Pay!

The arcane, obsessive and, well, way-way-out-there arguments (and characters) of the tax-denial movement.

Oracle of the Hardwood

The last great (and good) basketball scout.

Jun 2010

The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas

Texas Republican Ted Cruz has been likened to Joe McCarthy, accused of behaving like a schoolyard bully, and smeared by senior members of his own party. Is this any way to get ahead in Washington?

Oct 2013

Back on the Trail

When disgraced South Carolina governor Mark Sanford decided to run for office again, he asked his ex-wife, Jenny, for her blessing. Whether he has her vote is another matter.

Mar 2013


Who thwarted the ambitions of Jesse Jackson’s son?

Nov 2012

“The. Polls. Have. Stopped. Making. Any. Sense.”

American politics has gone gaga for poll numbers—while polling pros feel less and less certain about the methodology behind the madness. Some days even Nate Silver is left scratching his head.

Sep 2012

Wanna Be Veep? Okay, but This Is Going to Hurt

It’s veep-vetting season, and it’s the most invasive process in politics. Just how squeamish does it get? The writer travels to one of Washington’s top vetters to find out if he’s got what it takes to be the next Sarah Palin.

Aug 2012

The Israeli Desert

Peter Beinart thought his new book on Israel would be a rallying cry for liberal Zionism. Instead, it’s been attacked by many of his peers and embraced by some whose views he finds terrifying.

Jun 2012

Mitt Romney’s Dark Knight

If you think Mitt Romney is too mild, too “golly gee,” too Mormon, his answer is Eric Fehrnstrom. He’s Mitt’s most trusted adviser and the guy whom Romney turns to when someone’s leg needs breaking.

May 2012

The Paul Clement Court

Seven cases. One lawyer. The GOP’s great hope for this Supreme Court season is an unassuming attorney who just happens to be lead counsel on the most polarizing arguments in America.

Mar 2012

A Saint with Sharp Elbows

In her race for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat, is Elizabeth Warren running against Scott Brown and Obama?

Nov 2011

Eric Cantor’s America

The House majority leader is trying to stop the U.S. government in its tracks. And so far, he’s doing a pretty effective job.

Oct 2011

Personality Test

Erskine Bowles and the politics of anti-personality.

Sep 2009

Sorority Row

Alabama’s new schoolhouse door.

Feb 2002

Up in Schmoke

Why biracial politics failed in Baltimore.

Aug 1998

The Wishy-Washy, Squishy-Squashy Pseudoscience of Electability

Is the nation more likely to elect a white woman, a black man, or an ex-mayor with a mean streak? Arguing about which candidate has the best shot in November 2008 is a game even sure losers can play.

Nov 2007

The Secret Life of Dennis

The loony who’s running: Dennis Kucinich.

Jul 2007

Mass Appeal

Deval Patrick, machine slayer.

Nov 2006

Negative Influence

Why Billy Packer is college basketball’s most reviled commentator, and its best.

Apr 2005

Swift Return

The strange resurrection of John Kerry.

Sep 2010

Home Boy

Tom Vilsack’s long road.

Feb 2007