By Exclusive

Lords of the Ring

Wrestling’s next generation prepares for the big time in a Woodlawn gym.

By Exclusive

Approach with Caution

Anthony Carter stands on a street corner. Is he selling drugs? Is he playing with his 7-month-old daughter? You’d have to get closer to find out for sure. Good luck.

By Exclusive

Anti-Sex League

How Cincinnati’s educators and editorialists are lying to kids about sex.

Fergie Carey Would Like to Make a Wee Toast

The man who made the legendary Philadelphia saloons Fergie’s and Monk’s proves that in a city loaded with great characters, the best is the guy pouring the beer.

By Editors Recommend

On Your Marks, Get Set, Solve!

Puzzle-obsessed brainiacs scramble for glory in the Game.

May 2012

There’s Gold in That Scrap

Learning to appreciate the very big business—and the very particular charms—of peddling discarded metal.

Under the Gaydar

Requiem for Chili Dawg

Did competitive eating kill Fino Cachola?

Can This Man Be Straight

A Catholic’s trials with various “gay conversion” therapies.

How Nerf Became the World’s Best Purveyor of Big Guns for Kids

A brief history of non-lethal weapons.

Sep 2012

Whatever Happened to the American Tennis Champions?

When was the last time an American man won a Grand Slam title? 2003. And it looks like the streak is safe for another summer. Dismal, yes. But is it a national failing or just a matter of tough luck?

Jul 2012

The Death (and Life) of the Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia City Paper

As the Internet continues to strangle print, City Paper and Philadelphia Weekly are in a fight to the death to be the city’s go-to alternative weekly—and it just might kill them both.

Schoolly D Is Living the American Dream

A gangster rapper looks at 50.

How One Response to a Reddit Query Became a Big Budget Flick

With just a handful of posts about a hypothetical time travel scenario, James Erwin went from web commenter to professional screenwriter.
Mar 2012

The Indy Hall Experiment

Tech community Independents Hall and its dynamic founder are poised to change the way we work—and a North Philly neighborhood.

Bigger than Jesus

When Jason Rohrer created Chain World, he intended it to be a religion. He didn’t expect a holy war.

Aug 2011

Good to Go

The folks behind PhillyCarShare want a million Philadelphians to give up their automobiles in the name of saving the environment. The really crazy part? They just might pull it off.

Haute Chocolate

Can Hershey’s become the Starbucks of sweets?

Is NJ Governor Chris Christie a Mad Man?

From his earliest days as a public official, Christie has used bluster and overheated rhetoric to take down his enemies. It’s turned him into Angry America’s favorite politician—at least until they get a look at what he’s really doing.

Emanuel Freeman: The Man Who Duped City Hall

Freeman, a.k.a. The Buddha, was supposedly rebuilding Germantown. And even though project after project failed, political heavyweights—from Ed Rendell to Bob Brady to Michael Nutter—kept giving him our money. Lots and lots of our money.

Press Lord 2.0

Can a self-made adman with big ideas and a Walter Annenberg fascination save the “Inquirer” and “Daily News”? Maybe. But when Brian Tierney’s finished, the newspaper business may never be the same.

Jerry Blavat Finds the Fountain of Youth

He’s 67 but still rockin’, with a new WXPN audience for his doo-wop oldies. Our writer spent an exhausting week together drinking wine, learning about Indians, meeting Connie Francis, watching him hang upside-down on an inversion board—and finally figured out what keeps the Geator with the Heator snappin’ away.

Searching for Richardson Dilworth

He was the aristocrat who found his voice as a populist. The cerebral lawyer who fought in two World Wars. The cocktail-shaker dilettante who became the greatest reformer in the history of the city. Here’s why, more than ever, we need a mayor like Dick Dilworth.

Lord of the Wings

It’s grown from a silly little radio stunt into Philadelphia’s grandest, goofiest spectacle—a sauce-smeared rival to the Mummers Parade. But could Wing Bowl be losing its soul? Its greatest champion doesn’t care. He’s just hungry for revenge.