Misplaced Honor

The United States Army has bases named after generals who killed United States Army soldiers.

Dear Abu

How to get the attention of al Qaeda’s managing editor.

Got a Beard? Don’t Bother to Run

When we believed we’ve been fighting militarism, despotism, fascism, communism and militant Islamism, what we’ve really been fighting is whiskerism.

Running with the Also-Rans

A true believer stumbles, grumbles, and dodges manhole covers on the campaign trail.

Nov 1983

Bond, Aged but Unyielding

The fiftieth anniversary of the Bond franchise finds our hero more somber than suave, but his resurrection as a traditional film hero brings welcome substance to the series.

Zero Latitude

The equator would be a great place to visit, if only it existed.

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The Making of Camelot

How Jackie Kennedy changed our view of JFK.

Oct 2013
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Human, Yes, but No Less a Monster

The film ‘Max’ courts controversy in picturing Hitler as a young, thwarted artist.

Too Many Brave Souls

The military academy cemetery rewards the wandering ironist.

Nov 1997

Levon Helm’s Midnight Rambles

Friends and fellow musicians play one last waltz for The Band’s legendary drummer.

Oct 2012
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And the War Came

The creator of the New York Times’ award-winning Disunion blog tells the extraordinary story of the country’s slide into the Civil War.

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Big Bother

How a million surveillance cameras in London are proving George Orwell wrong.

A Director with a Sense of Where He’s Going

Like a top athlete (or a character in a certain supernatural thriller), M. Night Shyamalan seems to see things others don’t see.

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Enough about Angels

The Devil gets his due.

Colorblind Buddies in Black and White

‘I Spy’ is the latest biracial buddy film (and marketers’ dream) to ignore the subject of race.

Giuliani, Meet Your TV Match

If ‘Rudy’ was going to present ‘the liberal jihad,’ then James Woods wasn’t interested.

Spring: Season of Bias in Girls’ Soccer?

Judge says fairness requires fall schedules, but that leads to other sports problems.

Liar for Hire

Honesty is for the unemployed. In today’s ultra-competitive job market, the ability to deceive—smartly, savvily—just might be the most important skill you can have.

Aug 2010

Ball Boys

Why golf is the driving obsession of middle-age alpha males.

Shifting from Blood and Guts to Heart and Brains

How Wes Craven escaped the horror genre and induced Meryl Streep to play an East Harlem music teacher.

Making the Movie They Let You Make

Chris McQuarrie didn’t want to be the crime guy. The studios won’t let him be anything else.

Soul Assassins

Employees are probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to a company, say the misanthropes at Despair.com, who have built a business on some very nasty ideas.

May 2005
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At Play in the Fields of the Bored

Everything I know I learned while striking out as a Little Leaguer.
Apr 1993
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Racists for Feminism!

The Odd History of the Civil Rights Bill.
Feb 1994