Lost “Exile”

The unlikely life and sudden death of The Exile, Russia’s angriest newspaper.

Feb 2010

The Great Cyberheist

Inside the mind of Albert Gonzalez, America’s most notorious computer hacker.

The Tunnels of Gaza

The tunnels of Gaza are a lifeline of the underground economy but also a death trap. For many Palestinians, they have come to symbolize ingenuity and the dream of mobility.

The Last Nazi Hunters

Sixty-five years after the end of the war, the U.S. Department of Justice is still on the case.

Dec 2011

Is There an “Obama Effect” on Crime?

A surprising new theory for the continuing crime decline among black Americans.

Oct 2011

Supersize It

Our waistlines aren’t all that’s expanding—our stuff is, too.

Mar 2004

Two If By Sea

How the Coast Guard is thwarting terrorism.


President Obama isn’t the new Carter, but he just might be the new (first) Bush.

Nov 2010

The Fast and the Ridiculous

The conspiracy theories over the controversial ATF gun-tracking program are flying, and not just in GOP chambers. In Mexico, it’s taken as fact that the United States is backing the drug cartels.

Jun 2012

Mexican Roulette

A deadly gun-running gamble just cost America’s ATF chief his job. But the gun lobby gave him little choice but to try.

Aug 2011

Show Him the Money

Tom Donohue scares millions of dollars out of corporations and Republicans. But is his U.S. Chamber of Commerce good for business?

The Unquiet Life of Franz Gayl

A tech-savvy Marine who made too much noise, helped save the lives of countless troops in Iraq, and paid with his career.

The War for Nigeria

A bloody insurgency tears at the fabric of Africa’s most populous nation.

U.N.convenient Truth

For years, even Israelis have known that Palestine is a state. And pretending it’s not at the U.N. is misreading history.

Sep 2011

Immaterial Girl

Pop star Hatsune Miku is huge in Japan. Her fans adore her. They even write songs for her—and she performs them. Just one thing: She’s not exactly human.

Nov 2012

Vote M for Murder

In Kenya, politics is simply the continuation of war, by other means.

Feb 2013

Surviving Westgate

Men with large rifles or machine guns fired into the crowd. Some children fell, shot; others lay down.

Sep 2013

The Tale of “Red Scorpion”

The strange Hollywood interlude of the most scandal-ridden man in Washington.

Aug 2005

Prisoners Rule

Welcome to the deadliest city in the deadliest country in the world.

Oct 2012

Obama’s Deportation Two Step

By giving a reprieve to 800,000 undocumented immigrants, the president put out a fire of his own making. How Obama’s immigration enforcement policies got away from him.

Bernard Hopkins and the Endless End of Boxing

A look into the always-changing Bernard Hopkins.

Jan 2012

Arming the Drug Wars

The U.S. has pledged more than $1 billion to help Mexico win its war on drugs. But even as the body count rises above 10,000, most of the guns that do the killing—Colt .38 Supers and big-bore Barrett rifles among them—keep pouring in from the U.S.

Jun 2008

The Good Bad Son

Saif Qaddafi had an affinity for America. And for a brief, tantalizing moment, the feeling was mutual.

May 2011

Big Brother Inc.

Knowing your business is big business for Aristotle Inc., whose Orwellian database of voter records has been an essential campaign tool for every president since Ronald Reagan. As the 2008 race heats up, the company’s shadowy founder, John Aristotle Phillips, unveils his most powerful personal-space invader yet.

Dec 2007