The Three Microsofts

Judge Bork has an idea even liberals have to like.

Washington Unplugged

Calculating the cost of information dissemination.

Farewell to a Beard

Whether it inspires new confidence or self-doubt—perhaps both—changing one’s facial hair is never something to take lightly.

The Doctor’s Plot

Debunking John E. Mack’s extraterrestrial psychology.

May 1994

Watch This Space

Just how many gadgets can you fit on one wrist?

Vertical Reality

The soaring future of elevators and the sky lobby.

What the Beep Is Going On?

Instilling some science into the cacophony of the modern soundscape.

The Unsplittable Bit

As scientists crunch and quantize the world, will they ever reach the end?

Nov 2011

They’re Getting Better about Predicting the Weather

Even though you don’t believe it.

Uh-oh, Here Comes the Mailman

If you’re going to write about science, expect to hear from a wingnut or two.

The Telephone Lottery

Lifting the veil on busy signals.

When Your House Starts Talking to Itself

In the ever-expanding world of assistive technologies, how smart is too smart?

Reinventing the Box

Why the PC and the television never shall meet.

By Exclusive

The Spider’s Stratagem

With data everywhere on the web, you may need a robot named Spidey to find your way.

By Exclusive

This Is Sex?

Policing the porn superhighway.

By Editors Recommend

The Man Who Reshaped Geometry

The genius of Benoit Mandelbrot.

Solving the Mathematical Riddle of Chaos

Mitchell Feigenbaum’s exploration of (seemingly) random relationships.

Stop Me Before I Shop Again!

Never has so much been available to so many.

May 1999

Take My E-mail, Please

Part Showman, All Genius

The physicist Richard Feynman was one of a kind. So does his shining life cast any light on what makes him a genius?


Monopoly Money

Science on the Track of God

The Digital Attic

An archive of everything.