The Man Who Sold the War

There was a reason Judith Miller bought into the lies about Iraq—they were part of a $100 million PR campaign hatched by a shadowy Beltway consulting firm. Meet John Rendon, Bush’s general in the propaganda war.

Nov 2005

They Know Much More Than You Think

We don’t know how much data the National Security Agency is gathering about us, let alone what they’re using all that data for.

The Secret War

Infiltration. Sabotage. Mayhem. For years four-star general Keith Alexander had been building a secret army capable of launching devastating cyberattacks. Now it’s ready to unleash hell.

Jun 2013

Raiders of the Congo

The author retraces the strange odyssey of Tjostolv “Mike” Moland and Joshua French, two white security contractors who embarked on a journey deep into the African bush and became the targets of an epic manhunt.

Nov 2012

The Black Box

The National Security Agency’s immensely secret project in the Utah desert will intercept, analyze, and store yottabytes of the world’s communications—including yours.

Mar 2012

Big Brother Is Listening

The NSA has the ability to eavesdrop on your communications with ease. What happens when the technology of espionage outstrips the law’s ability to protect ordinary citizens from it?

Apr 2006