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Little Iraq

Frustrated Iraqi exiles view the war with Saddam Hussein.

Apr 2003
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Between the Mountains

India and Pakistan are caught in a dangerous struggle over Kashmir. But what do its people want?

Mar 2002
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Take Me to Your Leaders

The birthplaces of Tibet’s two most revered figures are not exactly on the tourist trail. But author Isabel Hilton overcomes all the odds and incredulous taxi drivers to make the pilgrimage.

Aug 2001
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Children of a Lhasa God

It is 40 years since the Dalai Lama escaped into exile in India with 100,000 Tibetans, and there is turmoil in his “little Tibet”. Some of the young refugees believe they should resort to violence to oppose China. All fear the future when their leader dies.

Mar 1999
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A Vision in the Mirror of Sex: Prostitution

Sep 1992
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First City of the Future

China’s ancient capital—dating back to the 15th-century Ming emperors—withstood even the advent of Communism in 1949. But now the explosion of capitalism is transforming Beijing into a world-beating megalopolis amid a frenzy of building, commerce and art that has rocked the city’s teeming millions with a new revolution.

Jul 2008
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Two years ago Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt was taken hostage. Her husband tells Isabel Hilton about a bungled French rescue mission, and his deepening despair.

Feb 2004