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Hidden City

New York has more homeless than it has in decades. What should the next mayor do?

Oct 2013
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The Tale-Telling Days Are Over

Whatever happened to an outdoorsman’s sacred right to exaggerate? In the age of digitized adventure, the fish that got away is gone forever.
Nov 2012
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I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man (Scaramouche, Scaramouche, Will You Do the Fandango?)

And other lofty ideas that pop into one’s head and refuse to leave.

Feb 1998
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A Kielbasa Too Far

Why do we get sick when traveling in out-of-the-way places? Join Ian Frazier, plus some liver flukes, dysentery, and cholera, on an enlightening journey that will make your stomach turn.

Aug 2006
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Yo, Frank!

In the unlikeliest of places, in the waters off JFK airport in New York, Ian Frazier lands a few big fish with Captain Frank, a guide who matches his passion striper for striper and knows why fishing is connected to everything.

May 2007
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Outfoxing the Fox

To catch a caveman like Osama bin Laden, who’s at home in some of the earth’s most remote mountains, what you really need is a great outdoorsman.

Oct 2007
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Terminal Ice

The scientists were clinging to the side of the ice they’d been standing on, 50 feet above the waterline. In a few seconds, the berg had gone over on top of them.
Oct 2002
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Out of Ohio

Jan 2005
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Utopia, the Bronx

Jun 2006
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Hogs Wild

Suddenly, feral swine are everywhere.

Dec 2005
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If Memory Doesn’t Serve

Sarah Jessica Parker or Sarah Michelle Gellar? Ashanti or Beyoncé? All will come clear on the Day of Reckoning.

Oct 2004
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Typewriter Man

The need for a new letter on an old manual machine leads the author to the shop of Martin Tytell, now in his seventh decade as repairman, historian, and high priest of typewriters.
Nov 1997
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Authentic Accounts of Massacres

Mar 1979
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An Angler at Heart

Apr 1982
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Nobody Better, Better than Nobody

Feb 1983
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Dec 1986
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Canal Street

Apr 1990
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On the Ausable

Fishing a storied trout stream in the Adirondacks through rain, rapids, and blackflies.

Aug 1993
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On Urban Shores

In the middle of the night, from East River piers to Jersey beaches, anglers go in search of the striped bass.

Jan 1994
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Take the F

Feb 2005
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Five Fish

Oct 2001
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Invented City

Peter the Great’s vision, three hundred years on.

Jul 2003
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Bags in Trees: A Retrospective

Jan 2004
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Route 3

What I saw on the road through New Jersey.

Feb 2004