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Saint Marion

Once a great leader, “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry has been a force in Washington, D.C. for 51 years and has changed and shaped the city more than anyone since Pierre L’Enfant.

Nov 2012
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Predator in the Ranks

In the late-night quiet following the “Snowmageddon” storm of 2010, a man with close-cropped hair and a silver Dodge Durango stalked women in Virginia. The evidence led to a local military base. Did Arlington cops find a serial rapist and killer among the Marines—one that NCIS had missed?
Sep 2012
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The Memory Keeper: Homicide Watch DC

Last year, 108 people were murdered in DC. Laura Amico wants you to know their stories—all of them.

Feb 2012
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Free John Hinckley

Thirty years ago, he shot President Ronald Reagan to show his love for Jodie Foster. A jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity, and ever since he has lived at DC’s St. Elizabeths Hospital. Now doctors say he’s healed and the law says it’s time to let him go.
Sep 2011