Will Any Organ Do?

Transplant surgeons are increasingly using organs from bad donors. But with little known for certain about the consequences, doctors are confronting complex medical and ethical questions.

The Flu Hunters

Why Were Doctors Afraid to Treat Rebecca McLester?

The Stuttering Doctor’s “Monster Study”

Exercise Better. Train Smarter. Live Longer.

Apr 2012

The Not-So-Tell-Tale Heart

Sudden death in athletes is more common than you might think. What to do about it, however, remains a dilemma.
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Junior Mints

Counterfeiting meets pixel power, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Nov 2000
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Artificial Wombs

Will we grow babies outside their mothers’ bodies?

Aug 2005
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O’s Eating Well Makeovers

One is short on time, the other is short on money. Can they still eat well? We asked a team of experts for their best tips on making healthy meals that are fast and cheap—and still taste great.

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Weighing the Evidence on Exercise

Does working out really help you lose weight—or keep it off?

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Stretching: The Truth

Forget everything you know about warming up. This is how it’s done.
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Nine Great Ways to Connect with Your World

Looking for closer friendships, stronger family ties, or a better relationship? Join the crowd.
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Super Athletes

Older competitors are defying the laws of science and aging. Heed their secrets and you can, too.

Mar 2011
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How to Speed up Your Metabolism

We challenged one real woman to rev her metabolism, using every means available. It wasn’t pretty. But it was worth it—she lost weight.

Jun 2006
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Vote of Confidence

A huge black turnout in November 1992 altered Chicago’s electoral landscape—and raised a new political star: a 31-year-old lawyer named Barack Obama.

Jan 1993
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What You Should Know about Pregnancy

Learn about the relationship you have with your baby during pregnancy and learn how you can be healthy during pregnancy.

Nov 2006
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The Woman Who Makes Shopping Meaningful

Who says you can’t buy hope? Willa Shalit is proving that shopping can transform other people’s lives.