The Flyboys Say Goodbye

Parting ways with an era of aerial adventure.

Star Power

What we don’t know about the sun may kill us—or erase our iPods.

Jan 2012

While We’re Young

A class of stars called Cepheids have shown that the universe might not be as ancient as we thought. What’s a few billion years, more or less?

The Pipeline We Actually Need

Alaskan natural gas could provide an alternative to coal in electricity production and to oil in transportation.

Out on the Edge

American power moves beyond the mere super.

Some Convenient Truths

Runaway global warming looks all but unstoppable. Maybe that’s because we haven’t really tried to stop it.

Sep 2006

The Good Earth Looks Better

Looking back—and forward—on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Earth Day.

The Gift behind the Gift

Opening presents is all well and good, but it’s the anticipation and promise of Christmas Eve that makes the holiday truly magical.

The Dirty War against Clean Coal

Advanced-technology coal power exists, but regulators are waiting to see what happens with FutureGen, a project that may be just an expensive boondoggle.

The Smart Way to Be Scared

The image of millions hiding behind plastic sheets as biological weapons envelop a city owes more to science fiction than reality.

In Defense of C.S Lewis

A rebuttal of recent denunciations of the classic Chronicles of Narnia as racist, misogynist, “poisonous” works.

Oct 2001

Trigger Shy

Virginia Tech and our impoverished language for evil.

May 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

Like its predecessor Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond’s Collapse is an ambitious and profound take on the fate of human societies … even if some of its conclusions are probably wrong.

Long Shot

Defying the odds, even before the recent loss of the space shuttle Columbia, an eccentric company called Sea Launch has become the first private enterprise to send large rockets into space—from an enormous floating launch pad that sails to the equator for blast-off. Has the era of private space travel begun?

May 2003

Are We Alone?

Scanning the universe to see if we have company has fallen out of favor among many scientists, but the true believers who continue to search raise diverting questions—like why planets form where they do, and how life began, and where we might end up.

Aug 1988

Waste Land

The Pentagon’s nearly unprecedented, wildly irrational spending binge.

Nov 2010

The New Convergence

A scientific approach to the age-old question: Is there a God?

Dec 2002

Forget PCB’s. Radon. Alar.

Why are so many enviros paying more attention to greenhouse computer projections for the 21st century than they are to millions of children dying from impure water and air?

Suburban Myth

How the perils of suburban sprawl fail to outweigh the benefits.

Mar 1999

Faith Healers

Is religion good for your health?

Jul 1999
By Exclusive

Watch and Learn

Yes, the media do make us more violent.

May 1999

Why DIVAD Wouldn’t Die

The weapon that was harder to kill than Rasputin.

Why We Shouldn’t Go to Mars

The case against space exploration.

Jan 2004


The problem of population growth—and surprising solutions for it.

Oct 1999