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I watched online as a college classmate went from disgrace to redemption in months. That’s when I found myself deep in the world of black-ops reputation management.

Jun 2013
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Subu Must Die

How Georgia halted its drug epidemic, but not its addicts—and what the U.S. might learn from their efforts.

May 2013
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My Hyperinflation Vacation

A trip to the Iranian resort island of Kish illuminates the pressures, limits, and strange consequences of economic sanctions.

Apr 2013
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Anthropology Inc.

Forget online surveys and dinnertime robo-calls. A consulting firm called ReD is at the forefront of a new trend in market research, treating the everyday lives of consumers as a subject worthy of social-science scrutiny. On behalf of its corporate clients, ReD will uncover your deepest needs, fears, and desires.

Mar 2013
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Outrageous Freedom

In the face of deep prejudice and persecution, the Ugandan gay rights movement has crafted a surprising victory.
Nov 2012
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How a Salafi Preacher Came for My Soul

The far-reaching ambitions of Egypt’s rising Islamists.
Oct 2012
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A close encounter with the sport’s most authentic madman—Abdullah the Butcher.
Jul 2012
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Everybody Comes to Kim’s

The bomb may be straining relations on the Korean peninsula, but at least these diners will always have Beijing.

Dec 2007
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Re-Engineering the Earth

As the threat of global warming grows more urgent, a few scientists are considering radical—and possibly extremely dangerous—schemes for re-engineering the climate by brute force. Their ideas are technologically plausible and quite cheap. So cheap, in fact, that a rich and committed environmentalist could act on them tomorrow. And that’s the scariest part.

Jul 2009
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Joseph Kony’s Long Walk to, and from, Hell

The life and crimes of Uganda’s leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, who has been wanted for crimes against humanity since 2005.

Apr 2010
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Policing Afghanistan

An ethnic-minority force enters a Taliban stronghold.

Dec 2008
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A Boom behind Bars

Private jail operators like the Corrections Corporation of America are making millions off the crackdown on illegal aliens.

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Travel Writing Is Dead

Oct 2010
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Limbo World

They start by acting like real countries, then hope to become them.
Jan 2010
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The Indian Railway King

How did India’s Huey Long become its Jack Welch?
Feb 2009
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Back to the Afghan Future

The return of the Ghurkas.
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Mennonites and Mammonites

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Peshawar’s Human Trade Puts a Price on Freedom

Jan 2011
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Secret Fears of the Super-Rich

Does great wealth bring fulfillment? An ambitious study by Boston College suggests not. For the first time, researchers prompted the very rich—people with fortunes in excess of $25 million—to speak candidly about their lives. The result is a surprising litany of anxieties: their sense of isolation, their worries about work and love, and most of all, their fears for their children.
Apr 2011
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Prison without Walls

Incarceration in America is a failure by almost any measure. But what if the prisons could be turned inside out, with convicts released into society under constant electronic surveillance? Radical though it may seem, early experiments suggest that such a science-fiction scenario might cut crime, reduce costs, and even prove more just.

Sep 2010