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How to Get Away with Murder in America

The shocking true story of an alleged drug-world hit man who was recruited by the CIA and promoted into the agency’s top ranks—all while continuing his life of crime.

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Camp Jihad

A ragtag army of cops, soldiers, and G.I. Joe wannabes play terrorist for a week in a counterintuitive counterterrorism program.

May 2005
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Afghanistan in 2002: Not Much War, but Plenty of Hell

Greetings from Ass-Crack-istan: For the horny and heavily armed young GIs at the front line, life is nothing but heat, no beer, dust and fear. On the ground with a new generation of American warriors.
Jul 2002
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Sister Act

Deep inside the secret life of sorority girls at Ohio State University.
Oct 1999
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Scenes from My Life in Porn

The adult adventures of a former Hustler magazine editor.
Apr 2000
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Pat Dollard’s War on Hollywood

Pat Dollard was the stereotypical Hollywood operator: coked-up, Armani-sheathed, separated from his fourth wife, and rapidly self-destructing. But when he hit bottom, Dollard didn’t go back to rehab; he went to Iraq, embedded with the Marines, and filmed a pro-war documentary, which has the industry buzzing and right-wingers hailing him as the anti–Michael Moore.

Mar 2007
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Life with the Anarchists

Evan Wright, the author of the bestseller Generation Kill, takes us into the lives of punk rock-loving, runaway teenagers in L.A. in this exclusive excerpt from his new book.

Apr 2009
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Lucie Blackman: Death of a Hostess

May 2001
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Maxed Out

Max Hardcore and other XXX pornographers awakened something dark in me. Or perhaps it was already there.
Jan 2000
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Dead-Check in Falluja

Embedded with the Marines in Iraq.
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The Killer Elite

The true story of bullets, bombs and a Marine platoon at war in Iraq.
Jun 2003