By Exclusive

Is Kary Mullis God?

After unlocking the secrets of DNA, the prize-winning biochemist traded in his centrifuge for a life of wine, women, and surf. Besides, babes really dig a Nobel.

Jul 1994

Rich Dog, Poor Dog

The canine class struggle.

Feb 1983

John Naisbitt’s Clip Joint

There’s a Megatrends reader born every minute.

Sep 1983

Tears of a Clown

I bomb as a kids’ birthday party entertainer.

May 2011

Fugitive in the Family

Our father gave us the slip every chance he got, but we could never just let him go.

My Molesters

I was sexually assaulted three times before I was 20. Here’s why I never told my family or the police.

Jun 2012

The Math Moron

I can barely add and subtract. Can I learn enough math in five months to help my fifth-grader with her homework?

Nov 2006
By Editors Recommend

There She Is, Mrs. America …

Will they really let me compete in a beauty pageant?

Jul 2004

My Husband’s Other Wife

She died, so I could find the man I love.

Jun 2009


In 1982, an Air Florida jet plunged into the Potomac River, killing almost everyone on board. Twenty years later, the few survivors are still feeling the chill.

Silence of the Frogs

A sudden decline in the world's frog population has scientists not only baffled but alarmed. Why are historically hardy frog species going extinct? And what does their mysterious disappearance signal about the entire ecosystem?

Bare-Naked Lady

My vacation at a nudist camp.

Sep 2010

Caution: Student Driver

Can I learn how to drive a stick shift?

Oct 2005

The Dog That Didn’t Bark

Can I cure my sociopathic beagle with the Dog Whisperer’s techniques?

Sep 2006

Russell Crowe in My Viewfinder

My brief career as a paparazzo.

Mar 2006

Silent Treatment

Have you ever wished your wife would just shut up? Here’s what happens when she does.

May 2011

My Starvation Diet

I’ve cut back to 1,500 calories a day. Will I live to be 120 years old?

Feb 2007

Spam I Am

I try an Internet get-rich-quick scheme.

Apr 2003

Song of the Damned

I’m tuneless. In four weeks, I make my concert debut.

Jun 2005

Life on an Oil Rig

Hard hats, tight quarters, and all-you-can-eat meals.

Apr 2010

Facebook for Fiftysomethings

I’m unfriendly, solitary, and 30 years older than everyone else on the site. But could social networking work for me anyway?

Mar 2007

Great Balls of Matzo

It’s me vs. 420-pound Eric “Badlands” Booker for the title of world matzo-ball-eating champion.

Apr 2005

I’ve Got the Secret

What happened when I followed the best-selling book’s advice for two months.

May 2007

Well, Excuuuuuse Meee!

Why humans are so quick to take offense, and what that means for the presidential campaign.

Oct 2008