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The Fire Horse

From the author of the bestelling The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin comes the story of a heroic horse who gave his trainer a second shot at life.

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Lady with a Past

The little-known tale of the Statue of Liberty and the egomaniacal French artist who stopped at nothing to turn her into our national icon.

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The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin

The true and astounding story of New York City’s first female police detective, who outsmarted her male colleagues to solve “the crime of the century.”

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The Genius of Cecile Richards

Why Planned Parenthood’s leader is not your standard-issue CEO.

Mar 2012
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The Life of a Prison Chaplain

Tending to the condemned is the hardest assignment Jim Brazzil has ever had.
Aug 2000
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America’s Obsession

From billboard to shining billboard, Kate Moss’s lank frame and doe-eyed stare have dropped a volatile mixture of fame and fury into her 20-year-old lap. Elizabeth Mitchell hops continents to sift through the myths and mystique.

Sep 1994
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Mister Softee

A buddy to his fans, a wet dream to his record company, and a mystery to his friends, the Lemonheads’ Evan Dando is beautiful mess. Elizabeth Mitchell meets him on the boulevard of broken dreams.

Feb 1994
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Toward the Abyss

The final work of a doomed Yiddish novelist.
May 2008
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The Election: Quack the Dog

As the election runs into overtime, the president who perfected the permanent campaign is finally keeping his own counsel.

Nov 2000
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How the Poor Save Us

Prison visitation programs help families stay together and keep inmates from violating parole.
Feb 2001
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Trump Card?

To run Dubya’s transition, Andy Card may need the kind of friends in the opposing party most pols don’t have in their own. He might just be the man for the job.

Dec 2000
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Keeping the Thoroughbred World on Track

Behind the racing game’s big purses and glamour crowds, there’s plenty of room for extending a helping hand.

Jun 2000
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Anita Hill’s Afterlife

In 1991, more than 20 million TV viewers watched as a well-regarded young law professor named Anita Hill accused her former boss, Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment—and in return was smeared as a pathological liar, a would-be political assassin, and a prude. Thomas made it to the Supreme Court, and Hill vanished into academia—but not before changing the way we think about men and women in the workplace.

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Are You Happy? Are You Sure?

Parents claim to enjoy their kids; researchers say they’re deluded.

Dec 2006
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Chop Chop at the Top