A Casual Affair

Cheap or expensive, cotton or silk, worn with jeans or under a suit, the T-shirt is the epitome of L.A. style.

To Die For

“They were too much in love to live,” their friends said, which may be all the explanation anybody will ever have for what happened next.

May 1996
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What Women Think of Other Women

Men like to think that women disdain and dread one another. And that is true—but it is far from the only truth.

Aug 1992
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The New Phone Sex

In the hyperaddictive, supercheery Shangri-la known as QVC, the perfect you is simply a dial tone away. But will you still respect yourself in the morning?

May 1994

Call It a Comeback

One year ago, it was uncertain if Rafael Nadal would ever be back among tennis’ elite. Now he’s the best player in the world, again.

Sep 2013

Jeansian Economics

Thanks to Ron Herman and Nina Garduño, denim becomes a study in earthiness and snobbery.

Woman on Top

Jerry Buss brought Showtime to Los Angeles when he purchased the Lakers two decades ago. Now daughter Jeanie, who runs the team’s day-to-day business, is turning her own share of heads.

Nov 2002
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The Family Jewels

In the 24 years since taking over Harry Winston Inc. from his father, Ronald Winston has enhanced the firm’s exalted status.

Back to the Suture

Your favorite actor, your gardener, and your mother are having face-lifts. Will graceful aging ever make a comeback?

Mar 2001
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What Do Women Really Want?

Feminism told us we could have it all. If only it was that simple …

Oct 1990
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Kids Who Drink

“Where did you go?”
“What did you get?”

Jun 1980

Breaking Up

The question was not whether we loved each other but how much that love could absorb.

Dec 1982

Grey’s Anatomy

Adult film star Sasha Grey, a woman who is more than her parts.

Oct 2010

Past Perfect

At vintage house Lily et Cie, the clothes recall a time when form had function.

The Memphis Blues Again

Sun Records legends put on their rock ‘n’ roll shoes.

Nov 1985

The Peter Principle

Ten years after he became a megastar, Frampton tries to come alive again.

Jul 1986

Ordinary People

Hanging on to yourself can be tricky when you have it all.
Sep 1985

Prince of the City

He inherited the most prestigious post in dance, and for fifteen years, it has kept him on his toes. On the eve of the New York City Ballet’s fiftieth anniversary, Peter Martins on ballerinas, Balanchine, and life backstage.

Sep 1998

Light as Air

How would San Francisco Ballet’s Yuan Yuan Tan perform against an athlete in competition? Discover the irrepressible force that drives the slim physique.

Apr 2003

Kobe’s Second Act

It all worked out for him: No Shaq, no Phil, no prison. But have we worked out our feelings for him?

By Exclusive

The Boy Champ

Iron Mike meet his match: Tyson vs. Cayton.
Aug 1988

Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Prove

The life and films of Kris Kristofferson.

Lakers: Straight Shooter

He’s dependable in the clinch, but Lakers reserve guard Brian Shaw’s greatest contribution may be his wisdom.
By Exclusive

A Man Alone

When NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault, we were stunned. This is the last guy you’d expect to see in a mug shot. But, as it turns out, we didn’t know him at all.

Nov 2003