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One Man’s Nuclear War

On civil disobedience at Rocky Flats.

Mar 1979
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The Sorrows of Travel

Women pass by.
Feb 1978
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Last Oasis

Exploring the Escalante Canyon in Utah.
Mar 1977
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The West’s Land of Surprises, Some Terrible

The American deserts are lovely but deceptive places. Anyone who ventures into them for more than a few hours ought to know some of their secrets-if he hopes to come out alive.

Dec 1966
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Hunting in Earnest

From “Blood Sport,” by Edward Abbey. The essay appears in Abbey’s new collection, One Life At A Time, Please, published this month by Henry Holt.

Feb 1988
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Even the Bad Guys Wear White Hats

Cowboys, ranchers, and the ruin of the West.
Jan 1986
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Cactus Chronicles

Long-lost letters from the buzzard in the dead tree.
Jul 2006
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In the Land of “Laughing Waters”