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The Winning Form of Dick Francis

The should-have-been great jockey now experiences and shares the thrill of the race through his multitude of books.

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No Radio

Any New Yorker who owns a car can count on having the car’s radio stolen regularly. A repeat victim looks into where all those hot radios go.

Jan 1992

Farms on the Asteroids: Hotels on the Moon

The search for profit on the last frontier.

Oct 1978

The King of Speed

Steve McKinney, the world’s fastest skier, takes life as it comes—at 124.41 miles per hour.

Nov 1979
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The secrets of Japan’s Dancin’ Freak 001.

Feb 1991

How Now to Sell a Cow?

The stampede toward a healthier, tastier beef.
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William Gates III

At 34, the software satrap is working on his third billion.

Aug 1990

William Gibson

Teen geek makes good, redefines sci-fi.
Jun 1991
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How Would the U.S. Survive a Nuclear War?

Don’t worry. Our people are working on the problem right now.

Mar 1982
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The Killer Bees

The author put his life on the line to learn the truth about these deadly insects.

Jul 1977
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You Talkin’ to Me?

Teaching apes to speak their mind.

Jun 1977
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The Natural Life of Zombies

In 1962 in Haiti, Clairvius Narcisse was certified dead and buried. Days later, he was raised from the grave by a sorcerer and became a will-less zombie slave. In 1980, a Haitian psychiatrist found him. In 1983, a Harvard ethnobotanist discovered the secret of his poisoning. In 1985, a reporter decided to take the zombie to lunch.

May 1985

Hiding from the Bomb—Again

Civil defense is back.
Aug 1979

Deep Clean

In Los Angeles, car washing gets beneath the surface.
Sep 1993

A Study in Red

Zambia succumbs to its debts.
Apr 1986

A Nice Revolution You’ve Got Here, Now Bring on the Cohibas

On a bicycle tour of Cuba, solidarity can only take you so far.

Sep 2001
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In a Royal Limbo: A King Who Never Reigned

Iran’s Shah is but the latest to join the ranks of unemployed monarchs. Dozens more remain, Bourbons and Hapsburgs among them, some dreaming of a return to their days of glory, others convinced that their cause is hopeless.

Swimming for Peace in the Middle East

The many motivations of long-distance swimmer Martin Strel.

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The Life of a Salesman

A legend among his colleagues, Ben Feldman is probably the greatest life insurance salesman of all time. He has sold over $858 Million worth of life insurance, and almost all of that in and around the unlikey small town of East Liverpool, Ohio.

A Sports Mecca (Pardon the Expression)

In Dubai’s quest to bring us the biggest and best of everything, the Emirati billionaires are leaving no game unplayed.

Really, Really, Big in Britain

How a topless pinup girl climbed to the pinnacle of celebrity in England while remaining utterly unknown in the United States.

A Professionally Funny Family

The Elliott family has been professionally funny for three generations. Does it matter that audiences don’t always get the joke?