The Bloodless Coup

A loved one’s burial provokes a cultural collision.

Jan 2012

America’s Real Favorite Pastime? Judging Women

After the mob attack on Lara Logan, many commenters claimed she was partly to blame. Drawing on the author’s own experiences with sexual violence and public criticism, a dissection of the judgment game.

May 2011

A Life-Altering Sock Drawer

Lessons from a surprise visit to Richard Rogers’s house.

Nov 2012

Looking for Love, Ending up in a War

On a life-changing trip to Afghanistan.

The Plumber, the Lawyer and the Carpenter

Inside a tiny Puerto Rican church, a Jewish writer faces life without her father.

How Facebook Saved My Son’s Life

My social network helped diagnose a rare disease that our doctors initially missed.

Jul 2011
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To Russia, with Love

Why one woman traveled to Moscow to introduce the man she married to the man he never met: his father.

Feb 2010
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Stage Motherhood

My son, the star.

Mar 2007
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My So-Called “Post-Feminist” Life in Arts and Letters

Slut-shaming, name-calling and no respect: welcome to life in literary America for a 21st century female author.

Apr 2013