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Now We Are Five

A big family, at the beach.

Oct 2013
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Company Man

Guest-room gambits.

Jun 2013
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Understanding Owls

What does a gift say about the giver?

Oct 2012
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We always thought there was something odd about the neighbor.

Nov 2003
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Six to Eight Black Men

Dec 2002
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The Man Who Mistook His Hat for a Meal

My father has always had some questionable eating habits, but this is getting ridiculous.
Jun 1999
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Rooster at the Hitchin’ Post

Sep 2002
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Finding a place to call your own.

Apr 2004
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Road Trips

The way to someplace new.

Nov 2006
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Sea Turtles and Me.

Dec 2009
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Standing By

Fear, Loathing, Flying.

Aug 2010
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April & Paris

Caught in the web of nature.

Mar 2008
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Me Talk Pretty One Day

Mar 1999
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The Living Dead

In our little Normandy village the natives tell many strange stories.

Feb 2004
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Keeping Up

It’s hard when your traveling companion disappears.

Apr 2005
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Easy, Tiger

Language Lessons on the Road.

Jul 2011
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The Man in the Hut

He really wasn’t my friend.

Jun 2007
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Author, Author?

Life among the shopping carts.

Mar 2009
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Old Faithful

Testing the limits of love.

Nov 2004
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In the Waiting Room

The advantages of speaking French.

Sep 2006
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The Birds

Why did they want to come in?

Jan 2007
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This Old House

The heart is a lonely menagerie.

Jul 2007
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Sep 2007
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Journey into Night

Business-class emotions.

Dec 2007