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The $314,900,000 Losing Lottery Ticket

Ten years ago, Jack Whitaker, a self-made businessman, became the biggest single winner in lottery history. And that’s when his luck ran out.

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Wild Things

Animal nature, human racism, and the future of zoos.
Jun 2012
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American Mozart

Intense, emotional, and frequently out of control, the hip-hop superstar Kanye West allowed his antics to turn him into a national joke and to earn him the criticism of two American presidents. Would a massive concert tour with his friend and rival Jay-Z offer the troubled rapper a taste of redemption—or disaster?
May 2012
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Barack and Hamid’s Excellent Adventure

Afghanistan’s president visits the White House.

Aug 2010
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The Runner

He woke up one morning and decided to become someone else.

Sep 2001
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Dr. Kush

How medical marijuana is transforming the pot industry.

Jul 2008
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Shooting Britney

How a French journalist recruited a posse of Brazilian parking attendants and pizza-delivery guys and helped create Hollywood’s most addictive entertainment product.
Apr 2008
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Let’s Die Together

Why is anonymous group suicide so popular in Japan?
May 2007
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Grand Illusions

With Rumsfeld and Powell gone, and Cheney’s power diminished, this is Condoleezza Rice’s moment. Can she salvage America’s standing in the Middle East—and defuse the threat of a nuclear Iran? Behind the curtain in Washington and Jerusalem with the secretary of state.
Jun 2007
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An intimate portrait of mixed martial artist Quinton Jackson—and of the growing American fixation with the warriors who earn their living beating each other bloody.
Dec 2008
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Atomic John

A truck driver uncovers secrets about the first nuclear bombs.

Dec 2008
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Where the Buffalo Roam

America’s plains are emptying out. Should we give them back to the beasts?

Feb 2011
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In a Ruined Country

How Yasir Arafat destroyed Palestine.

Sep 2005