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L.A. Blues: Aaron North’s Sad Descent From Nine Inch Nails to Nowhere

The infamously defiant guitarist and gadfly earned the admiration of rock stars with the Icarus Line, a giant online audience with Buddyhead, and a touring spot alongside Trent Reznor, all before turning 30. Then he disappeared down a trail of sordid behavior and declining mental health.

Sep 2013
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Giorgio Moroder: Back to the Future

Armed with an array of fabulous machines and a superhuman sense of groove, producer Giorgio Moroder created some of dance, pop, and film’s most forward-thinking, influential music—before a cultural sea-change sapped his powers. Now, reveling in Daft Punk’s reflected glow, the 73-year-old wants back in the game.

May 2013
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We Do It Properly: Coast to Coast with Phoenix

With headlining spots at Coachella and Lollapalooza and an earnestly crafted new album, Phoenix is poised to ascend to pop music’s top echelon. But how exactly does the band do what it does so well, and for whom? We followed the four unflappable Frenchmen in search of some clues.

Apr 2013
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Tha Real Mother****ing Doggfather

Jerry “Swamp Dogg” Williams is a cult hero with a painful history who’s responsible for some of the most unique rock-influenced R&B (and weirdest album covers) ever made. And he also happens to be a pioneering indie mini-mogul.

Mar 2013
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Benjamin Walker, Sexypants Vampire Hunter

Graduated from Juilliard. Married Meryl Streep’s daughter. Hopes to be the next Dick Van Dyke. But first he has some vampires to kill.