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Natural Born Pig Killers

One of the Czechs’ oldest traditions, still going strong.

Oct 2004

The Coast of Bohemia

The Pasta Nazi

Not long after moving to Rome, David Farley thought he had the city wired. Then he visited Al Cardello restaurant and met chef Angelo.

Mar 2006

How to Write a Bad Travel Story

Sure, you could write a compelling story. But why, when you could just as easily write a snoozer?
Jun 2009

Vietnam’s Bowl of Secrets

Hoi An’s iconic dish was a mystery for decades. Then writer David Farley came to town.
May 2012

The Luxury of Solitude

In a Mumbai greenmarket, David Farley hunts for the Indian city’s most precious commodity.

Aug 2009
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Uncomfortably Numb in Prague

Living with a rock ‘n’ roll junkie.

Caught in a Czech Funk

All the traveler wanted from the tourist information office in the tiny town of Nove Hrady was directions to the train station. Then he asked the young clerk a seemingly innocuous question: Was that funk booming from the speakers?
Feb 2007

Bad “Carma”

A pilgrim to Italy wanted to drive only occasionally during his stay in Italy. So why did something always go wrong?

Aug 2011
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A Trip to the Witchdoctor

An eerie encounter with the magic of Bolivia.

Jul 2010

A European Castle Call

Roadtripping to an ancient fortress, in style.

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A Chip off the Old Bloc

We live in a world that’s growing smaller, more totally connected, but also—from Perth to Prague, Bangalore to Boston—more homogenous. In coming to Belarus, I yearned to find a place that had managed to eschew 21st-century globalization.

May 2011

On the Perils of Travel Writing

David Farley broke into the New York Times with a story about an eccentric Italian village. When he returned, he feared being chased out by torch-bearing villagers.

Jul 2009
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The author travels to Ethiopia to find the source of a global obsession.

May 2013