The Discover Interview: Francis Collins

The head of the Human Genome Project is a devout Christian and true believer in stem cell research.

Feb 2007
By Exclusive

The Black Legend

Spaniards hope to put an end to a propaganda campaign against their country that began half a millennium ago.

Aug 1991

The Societal Implications of Radically Prolonged Lives

We may be closer than most realize to significant increases in life expectancy.

Aug 2012

A Quant’s Quest

After using his programming smarts to make billions on Wall Street, a computer scientist is creating a supercomputer capable of unlocking the elemental mysteries of life.

San Francisco Gets Smart with Green Technology

San Francisco is using advanced technology—and the strong arm of government—to turn the city into one of America’s greenest.

Sep 2009

Brain Boosters

Entering the new world of neuroenhancers.

Closing the Genetic Gap

A glimpse into the bold, controversial, and as-of-yet unregulated world of consumer genetic information services.

I’m Doomed. Or Not.

With so much inconsistency from one firm to the next, can we really trust the next wave of for-profit genetic testing?

A Little Device That’s Trying to Read Your Thoughts

NeuroVigil’s iBrain may help people with A.L.S., like Stephen Hawking, communicate using advanced machine-brain interfaces.

On a Mission to Sequence the Genomes of 100,000 People

The Harvard geneticist George M. Church has co-founded or advises some 22 businesses that focus on things like synthetic biology, genetic sequencing and providing genetic testing to consumers.

Down with Happiness

Drugs. Implants. Virtual reality. Do we really want joy 24/7?

May 2007

How Long Do You Want to Live?

New biomedical discoveries may bring a steeper increase in life span—but not everyone wants it.

Enlisting Computers to Unravel the True Complexity of Disease

Eric Schadt is one of a handful of scientists blending mathematics, biology and supercomputers to pursue a new understanding of human biology.

Doug Melton: Crossing Boundaries

Pushing the limits of genetic medicine means testing the limits of human ethics.

Jun 2005

Implanting Hope

For the first time, a paralyzed patient has operated a prosthetic arm using just his mind.

The Enthusiast

A controversial biologist at Harvard claims he can extend life span and treat diseases of aging. He may be right.

Your Cancer, Your Cure

Potent new cancer treatments come with a big catch: They tend to work on just a few people. New ways to match the right drug with the right patient could finally lead to a genuine breakthrough.

Nov 2012

Green Crude

Is pond scum the solution to the world’s energy future?

Growing Heart Cells Just for You

What can heart cells generated from my blood tell me about my risk for disease—and about what drugs I should take if I get sick?

Wired to Eat

Overweight Micronesians could help explain the genetics of obesity.

Why Do Our Best and Brightest End up in Silicon Valley and Not D.C.?

America’s wunderkinds once looked to politics to make a difference on issues like healthcare reform. Now they come to Google Ventures asking Bill Maris for money.

May 2012

Is This Any Way to Train a Doctor?

The next health-care crisis.
Apr 1993

The Ultimate Cure

The neurotech industry is engaged in a $2 trillion race to fix your brain. Many players will fail, but the payoff will be huge for those who succeed.

May 2008

Looking at Stress—and God—in the Human Brain

Using fMRI technology to track our thoughts on some big questions.

May 2009