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My Job at the Container Store

Employees at the best company to work for in America sell boxes and garbage cans. Our reporter went moonlighting to find out what’s so great about that.

Jan 2000
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This Ain’t No Pizza Party

Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are engaged in a Kentucky blood feud. At stake: the future of pizza pies.

Nov 1998
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Pat Robertson’s Quest for Eternal Life

Jesus mania swept Liberia. For eight nights last December the nation’s TV channels—both of them—simultaneously showed programs created by Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

May 2002
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Catch Us If You Can

The folks who brought you Kazaa have a new hit called Skype—and a plan to set phone calls free. If the telcos want to fight back, they’ll have to find them first.

Jan 2004
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The Trophy Life

You think Donald Trump’s hit reality show is a circus? Spend a few weeks watching him work.

Jun 2004
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Google’s Open Source Android OS Will Free the Wireless Web

Google wants to bring the coolest bits of the Web to your cell phone.

Jun 2008
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The Key to Fixing Global Warming? China

Energy secretary Steven Chu has been in office for only a little over a year, but he’s nonetheless managed to help lay the groundwork for a fundamental shift in how the US tackles climate change.

May 2010
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Torrential Reign

Bram Cohen’s BitTorrent software made it a cinch to pirate films on the Internet. So why is Hollywood on his side?

Oct 2005
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Trading Places

What’s it really like to work at a best company? Our intrepid writer Daniel Roth went undercover at four winners to find out.

Jan 2006
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It’s … Profitmón!

From Pokémon to Full Metal Panic, the anime industry is doing everything the rest of show biz isn’t: embracing technology, coddling fans—and making a killing.

Dec 2005
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The $91 Billion Conversation

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates answer questions, first for 2,000 Nebraska students, then for FORTUNE’s Daniel Roth. The billionaire buddies on the economy, philanthropy, and investment strategy—an exclusive report.

Oct 2005
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Sweet Smell of Succession

Dynasties don’t last forever. But Estée Lauder’s grandkids aren’t about to let this beauty empire crumble.

Sep 2005
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The Great Data Heist

Why can’t corporations keep their customers’ personal data secure? Inside the world of identity theft.

May 2005
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Can Nike Still Do It without Phil Knight?

Now that Knight has stepped down, it’s up to new CEO Bill Perez to channel one of the most inscrutable, contradictory, and inspirational leaders around.

Apr 2005
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Financial-Industry Scapegoat Reinvents Himself as Financial Reporter

Despite the haters, Henry Blodget is back, and his straight-talking analysis of the Web world is earning him new fans.
Nov 2008
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Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transparency Now!

The financial world doesn’t need new regulations. It needs radical transparency.

Feb 2009
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The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model

Oct 2009
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The Big Benoiff

He’s perhaps the most charming, cocky, pr-blitzing, eastern-religion touting, pushy showman in tech. But is Marc Benoiff possibly also right?

Dec 2004
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Netflix Everywhere: Sorry Cable, You’re History

Sep 2009
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The Dark Lord of Broadband Tries to Fix Comcast’s Image

Jan 2009
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Time Your Attack: Oracle’s Lost Revolution

Dec 2009
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The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free

Feb 2010
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The Sheik Who Would Be King of Horse Racing

He’s spent more than $1 billion on horses, and built them their own 747. He’s won the biggest races worldwide. Now the ruler of Dubai is taking his game to the U.S.

Apr 2007
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The Most Dangerous Deal in America

Inside the secretive world of Cerberus Capital­­­—and why its plan to save Chrysler spooks Wall Street.

Aug 2007