Meadow’s End

For 14 years, Professor John Harte has been baking a Rocky Mountain meadow to demonstrate the effects of global warming. The results aren’t pretty.

Jul 2004

Everything You Know about Nutrition Is Wrong

A new set of rules to eat right.

Feb 2011
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The Great Las Vegas Steak Project

37 hours. 9 meals. 21 pounds of beef. Putting his cholesterol count on the line, Daniel Duane embarks on a gluttonous quest to discover the future of steak.
Nov 2008

The New Gladiators

Ruthless, primal, barely legal, mixed martial arts has become a breakthrough phenomenon thanks to the UFC. But what kind of man does this for a living? A look inside America’s favorite combat sport.
Mar 2008

The Redemption of Gavin Newsom

Nearly ruined by a series of personal scandals, America’s most controversial big-city mayor has reemerged to take aim at the governorship of California.
Sep 2008

Iron Todd Palin

Last time you saw Todd Palin he was standing quietly, uncomfortably by his woman on the campaign trail, as she got alternately pilloried and praised. Now meet him on his own terms, as a blue-collar outdoorsman who competes in one of the toughest races on Earth.
Apr 2009

The World’s Most Influential Chef

The modern pioneer of nose-to-tail eating changed the way chefs cook—without ever selling out on TV or attending culinary school. Now he’s determined to change the way you eat.

Jan 2010

Endangered Alaska

A gold and copper strike bigger than the Klondike is setting up America’s toughest environmental battle since the 1950s.
Mar 2009
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Laird Hamilton, Big Wave Surfer

When he invented tow-in surfing, Laird Hamilton transformed the sport indelibly. Now famous in not only Hawaii but Hollywood, he’s hardly ready to stop making waves.

Nov 2004

Sacrificial Ram

Conservation groups think they’ve found a way to save endangered animals—by selling off the right to kill a few.

Mar 2005
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Everything You Know about Fitness Is a Lie

Gym machines are boring, CrossFit is sadistic, and dieting sucks. Luckily, none of them is essential to being truly fit. Through years of trial and error—and humiliation at the hands of some of the world’s top trainers—the author discovered the secrets to real health.

Jan 2011
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The Testosterone Dilemma

Toxins, obesity, and even fatherhood could be causing a drop in testosterone. But do you really need hormone therapy?
Nov 2011
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Drunk with Power

Jon Rimmerman sells $30 million worth of wine a year over e-mail. How? Well, let him tell you a little story about a young syrah he once swilled outside Walla Walla …

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Hold on, Cowboys

Bulls love to toss rodeo riders, but it takes years of careful breeding, practice and pampering before they get a shot at stardom, Daniel Duane reports.

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The Wild Shores of Baja

North of La Paz there’s a 60-mile stretch of coastline that’s as treacherous as it is stunning. An all-star group of kayakers decided to tackle it before developers do.

Jul 2008
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It Ain’t Easy Being This Mellow

Don’t let the bare feet, the guitar, and the Hawaiian “endless summer” vibe fool you. When you’re on top of the world, as Jack Johnson is these days, staying down-to-earth is a full-time job.

Jun 2008
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Costa Familia

One dad’s quest for an undiscovered surf spot turns up perfect waves, crazy wildlife, and just the right kid-friendly vibe on Costa Rica’s wild Osa Peninsula.

Aug 2006
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The Lip Comes Down

Wipe out trying to bodysurf the Newport Wedge and you’ll burst an eardrum, yank out a shoulder, or snap a few ribs. Daniel Duane tackles the mean blue beast and meets the elite riders who court her lash.

Jul 2004
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That’s Right, Lodi

Why Zin lovers are flocking to this grape-growing hub.