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The Great Virgin Complex

Nowadays it’s getting harder to make good on the claim that you were the first. But the amateur explorers of the Rocas Alijos Project were sure no one had been there before.

Mar 1992


In the Church of the Moment, that swaggering and sacred place just beyond the steep couloirs of Whistler, the congregation knows no fear. Save for that silent penitent in the corner, who knows it well, honors it wisely, and then beats the living devil out of it.

Mar 1999

Tony Little Saves Tonga

Tony Little (I’m the World’s Number One Personal Trainer!) travels to Tonga (it’s a monarchy, right? you just stop the fatty food from coming in!) and whips the island nation into shape (holy shit, these people are huge!).

Oct 1997

Invisible Men

In the 1930s, when black players were barred from the NFL, an enterprising former halfback joined with a numbers kingpin to create a powerful team in Harlem.

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Boy Wonder

Roger Carver may be only 12, but he has some serious things to teach us: (1) Snowboarding is fun. (2) People are complicated. (3) Destiny is really weird.

Oct 2002


They’re swashbuckling billionaires and absent-minded dreamers, all chasing one of the last great adventures: 25,000 miles around the globe by jet stream and Icarian wing. No stopping, no sploshing.

Jun 1996

The High Cost of Being David Brower

He rescued some of the West’s hallowed lands. He became one of the most influential environmental leaders of the century. In the process, he sacrificed friends, family, and anyone who couldn’t keep up. Now, alone in the twilight, how does the archdruid make peace with it all?

Dec 1995


They are human bullets. Their world is defined by 100-meter lengths of track. Their goal? To run as fast as a body can. Then faster.

Jun 1995
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That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger

Such is life for Jure Robic, an ongoing lab experiment on the limits of human endurance and the power of the occasionally unstable mind.

What He’s Been Pedaling

How Floyd Landis has managed to compete in the Tour de France despite a busted hip.

The New American in Paris

From his offbeat stunts (he once drank 15 cappuccinos in one sitting) to his anything-goes demeanor, Floyd Landis is the anti-Lance in every way but one: He’ll stop at nothing in his quest to finish the Tour de France wearing the yellow jersey.

Jul 2006

Are You Trying to Seduce Me, Mrs. Chenoweth?

To fall under the spell of the conservative right’s dusky siren, to entertain her environmentally suspect vision, well, nothing seemed more unlikely. Then she—belipsticked, besilked, beguiling—entered the room.

Nov 1998

The Agony Is the Ecstasy

Hideous crashes? Shattered bones? Tyler Hamilton smiles through it all—which is just what he needs to beat you-know-who.

Jul 2004

Street Fighting Man

In this excerpt from Lance Armstrong’s War, the author chronicles the brutal turning point of Lance’s greatest triumph.

Jul 2005

Better Environmentalism through Killing

Ted Nugent, seventies rock relic, loves the wild outdoors. Loves to seek out the earth’s creatures, large and small, and shoot them. Loves that he could be the conservation movement’s most valuable ally. Which is to say, he loves irony.

Mar 1998
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The Captain Went down with the Ship

Some say Joe Hazelwood is still at sea, weathering the never-ending storm of the Exxon Valdez. But he’s much more lost than that.

Oct 1997

How to Grow a Super-Athlete

Is there a formula for building a sports genius? At certain training grounds around the world, the answer seems to be yes.


Tales from the Cabrini-Green Little League.