How the Knee Became the Back

Weekend soccer, Frisbee at the beach, the daily run. Increasingly, members of the over-40 set are refusing to age gracefully and, like the author, have a new kind of pain to show for it.

How Do You Say ‘Got Milk’ en Español?

Grupo Gallegos, a Spanish-language advertising firm, is trying to figure out how to market American brands to a diverse Hispanic immigrant population. Will they buy it?

A Two-Wheel Tour of Holland

The pleasures and perils of a two-wheel family tour of Holland.

Oct 1998

The Things We Carry

You have 30 minutes and two garbage bags: How do you pack for a disaster?

Sep 1999

Mexico’s Other Border

For many immigrants heading north, the first dangerous crossing is not the one into the U.S. It’s southern Mexico where the peril begins.

Cuba’s New Now

After half a century under Fidel, Cubans feel a wary sense of possibility. But this time, don’t expect a revolution.


How a mix of female empowerment and steamy soap operas helped bring down Brazil’s fertility rate and stoke its vibrant economy.

Chicken-Soup Nation

The art of turning heartwarming stories into cold cash.

Oct 2003

A Mothers’ War

Mothers who have children fighting in Iraq are connected by Tracy Della Vecchia and her Web site—a clearinghouse of pride and fear and anger and grief.

The Urge to Merge

What I, as a driver, learned about the war between lineuppers and sidezoomers in the battle for a lane.

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Dean Karnazes Is on the Road … Again

Dean Karnazes, master of the attention-grabbing ultra stunt, will clock a marathon a day in his seven-week running tour of every state in the U.S.A. Here’s how, and, um, why.

Aug 2006

Gambling with Abortion

Why both sides think they have everything to lose.

Nov 2004

Reversing Roe

Is mainstream right-to-life ready for an abortion ban?

Jun 2006

The State of the American Newspaper: The Battle of the Bay

Surrounded on all sides, the long-somnolent San Francisco Chronicle has declared war. The enemy it fears most? Knight Ridder. The grail? The lucrative suburbs.

A People Apart

The Tarahumara of Mexico evaded Spanish conquerors in the sixteenth century. But can they survive the onslaught of modernity?

Too Young to Wed

The secret world of child brides.

A Feel for the Water

Natalie Coughlin is causing swimming experts to rethink what athletic greatness means.

Jul 2004
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Ripped. (Or Torn Up?)

Can Rafael Nadal Survive His Own Grueling Style of Tennis?

The Estrogen Dilemma

New science is showing that estrogen’s effects on women’s minds and bodies may depend upon when they first start taking it. What should you do?

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Far From Home

In today’s hyperconnected world, many developing countries find that their most lucrative export is people. The foreign workers and their families must grapple with an inevitable trade-off: emotional loss for material gain.

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Mommy, What Are Bail Bonds?

Apr 1997