Pushed to the Edge: Jump!

In his second flirtation with serious bodily injury, our adventurer finds that you can’t repeal the laws of physics when you are the falling body.

Mar 1978

Pushed to the Edge: The Sky Dive

His friend had told of watching a man tangle in his chute and drop. Why, then would Vetter jump out of an airplane? On the other hand, why wouldn’t he?

Apr 1978

Pushed to the Edge: The Wing Walk

In which our reluctant daredevil breaks through the night sweats and the willies to take a taste of the craziest damn gravity game out there.

May 1978

Pushed to the Edge: The Cliff Dive

You’ve seen those Mexicans plunge 130 feet from the rock face at Acapulco? Surely, only a madman would do that.

Jun 1978
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Voyage of the Smitherinees

A bitter night in Chicago … Grenadine dreams … a chance to learn port from starboard.

Dec 1988

Truckin’ with Gretchen

“Of course you’re paranoid,” said the blue-eyed Chicago lady who’d been busted, beat up and strung out on a variety of illegal chemicals. “It’s all that California sunshine.”

Dec 1972

The Unmaking of the President 1992

Hunter Thompson, dark pundit of the Rockies, takes aim at this year’s crop of candidates, with lethal effect.

Oct 1992
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Chase of the Tornadoheads

Eight hours in Twister Alley, looking for the sky to go atomic.

Apr 1993
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Bring Me the Head of Timothy Leary

It has been a strange, sad odyssey from clown prince to convict, from fugitive to fink.

Sep 1975

Pushed to the Edge: The Ice Climb

Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself—On the side of a cliff two hundred feet above ground zero.

Feb 1978

Destination Hollyweird

If there’s anybody more reckless than the legendary Hunter Thompson, it’s the guys who thought they could capture his life on film.

Jun 1980
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A Harvest of Doves

In Merigold, you dance on your neck bone, you don’t give it to the preacher.

Sep 1986

You Gotta Have Heart

What’s the difference between sky diving and performing at a comedy club? In sky diving, you can only lose your life.

Mar 1979
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The Deep, Dark Dreams of Bill Stone

To get to the bottom of the world’s deepest cave, don’t stop for anything.

Nov 1992

At Ludicrous Speed

Drag racing can be a fearsome business, unless you like working with your butt strapped to a bomb.

Apr 1998
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I’m Lost in a Blizzard, Let’s Do Lunch

When stranded in the back country near Aspen, the question isn’t whether you’ll live, but whether you’ll make it out alive.

Jun 1993
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All My Love, Samples Later

The moving story of the author’s parents, whose love affair came to a tragic halt just months before World War II ended.

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He’s Not Worthy

A portrait of a millionaire at a crux.

Jan 1997
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The lures of the Southern Ocean are few. Seven-story avalanches of frigid sea. Blinding squalls of snow. Hull-peeling icebergs. There’s little sane reason to sail this territory, unless you’re a sportsman looking to shatter the round-the-world record—or are assigned to rescuing someone who foolishly thought he could.

Jan 1998
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Terminal Velocity

Call it inevitable that Dan Osman found the fatal edge of his signature sport, a thing known as “free-falling.” But were his leaps of faith—and thus his sad death—as profound as he imagined? Or just stunt taken to foolish extremes?

Mar 1999
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Icarus 2010

Dean Potter does the one thing we all fantasize about—he flies. No plane, no glider, just a wingsuit. It’s dangerous, it’s crazy, and it’s only the beginning.

Sep 2010
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By Jury-Rigged Mainsail and the Grace of God

To make it through the world’s longest, most unforgiving sailing race, you need to be plenty brave, plenty foolish, and pretty handy with a wrench.

Aug 1995