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Detroit: A Love Story

Can entrepreneurs save the city? Nothing else seems to be working.

May 2013
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How Steve Nash Shines in Basketball—and Business

Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash shines brightest during on-court chaos, and he’s got a plan to do the same in business.

Feb 2010
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The Town That the Internet (Almost) Forgot

What happens when the Web comes to a remote town?
Mar 2001
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It’s Never Been This Hard

For a nimble diving company based in Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina posed enormous challenges—and offered huge opportunity.

Mar 2006
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Protect and Attack

Once an unlikely rival for HP and Apple, Chinese computer maker Lenovo has grown and adapted as quickly as its homeland. Now, with a savvy blend of East and West, it’s poised to be China’s first global brand.

Nov 2011
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Bob Bowman’s Digital Hardball

Major League Baseball Advanced Media—BAM, for short—is as technologically sophisticated as any company, anywhere. Here’s how a winning and profitable strategy is being built by an online player that breaks all the rules.

Mar 2012
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The Nine Passions of 3M’s Mauro Porcini

Meet the audace global design guru who has infused his elegante sensibility into a once-blando $27 billion American conglomerate.

Oct 2011
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Can Livestrong Survive Lance Armstrong and a Doping Scandal?

The world’s most famous cancer survivor has been his foundation’s biggest asset, even as it grew into an innovative force in health care. Now his legal troubles may make him a risk.

Oct 2010
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Why America Is Addicted to Olive Garden

Technology, savvy brand management, and a little bit of soul have made $6.7 billion Darden Restaurants the world’s biggest casual-dining operation—and it’s still growing, even in tough times.

Jul 2009
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Who Ever Said Comedy Had to Be Fun?

For Rob Burnett, president and CEO of David Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, comedy is serious business. But long hours and nagging self-doubt are the price you pay to make people laugh—and to build a company that does distinctive work in an industry where distinctive work is in short supply.

Dec 2007
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The Knights’ Tale

Living a quiet life as an animator, Travis Knight never dreamed he’d work for his father. Then the Nike founder gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Jul 2007
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Can Hulu Save Traditional TV?

Can Jason Kilar and his hit site Hulu save traditional TV from itself while remaking it for the future?

Dec 2010
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Rocking the Most Hated Brand in America

On tour with former singer-songwriter Nathan Hubbard and his showstopper of a plan to rescue Ticketmaster’s business—and, for an encore, its dreadful reputation.

Jul 2011
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The Doctor of the Future

May 2009