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In the Beginning Was the Tooth

Paleontologists are eating away at the mystery of conodonts.

Jan 1993
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Peeling the Big Blue Banana

By boring through 30 million years’ worth of Earth’s sediments, geologists get new data on very old weather.

Jan 1992
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Getting There Is Half the Fun

The technological problems behind teleportation.

Jan 1994
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Back to the Sea

Some species struggled to adapt to life on land for millions of years, only to have their evolutionary descendants be taken with the tide once more.

Jan 1995
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The Kuwait oil fires spark predictions of dire health and environmental conditions to come in the Gulf.

Jan 1992
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Flake of Silicon

At a recent test of machine intelligence, it was deception, not brains, that won the day.

Mar 1992
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Perfect Gibberish

Quantum physics doesn’t make sense—never did and never will. That’s why cryptographers love it.

Sep 1992

Masters of an Ancient Sky

For 160 million years reptiles flew above the Earth. For just over 200 years we humans have known something of their existence. But only recently have we really begun to understand their lives—or their looks.
Feb 1994

On the Origin of Tomorrow

How humans are having a huge impact on the evolution of other species.
Dec 2009

What Is the Speed of Thought?

The intricacies of how neurons deliver signals to our brains.
Aug 1995

Can a Scientist Define “Life”?

Jan 2012

Look Deep into the Mind’s Eye

A study of how important it is for human beings to be able to picture objects in their mind.

Mar 2010

On the Origin of Sexual Reproduction

Why sexual reproduction is evolutionarily advantageous.
Jun 2009

The Secret inside Your Dog’s Mind

Why dogs have developed so much more social awareness than other animals.

Sep 2009

The Ever Evolving Theories of Darwin

How far the theory of evolution has come, and how far it has to go.
Feb 2009

Could a Dose of Ether Be the Secret to Consciousness

Researchers may soon be able to measure consciousness as well as we can measure a person's temperature.

Apr 2009

Humanity’s Other Basic Instinct

New research suggests that math has evolved its way right into our neurons—and monkeys’, too.

Nov 2009
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How Google Is Making Us Smarter

Multi-tasking may not have the detrimental impact on our attention span that so many think.
Feb 2009

The Dark Matter of the Brain

How little is known about the powers of the human brain.
Sep 2012

King of the Cosmos

How astronomer Neil Tyson is keeping interest in space exploration alive.
Jan 2012

The Common Hand

Why the hand is such a common evolutionary trait.

How to Make a Desert

How mankind may be an integral, if not vital, factor in the formation of deserts.

Feb 1995

Friends with Benefits

The existence of friendships in the animal kingdom.
Feb 2012

The Sharebots

What teaching robots to share may teach us about its evolutionary function.
Sep 1995