The Frying Game

Few Caribbean vacationers come for the fried fish. The author has come to Barbados for nothing else.

Nov 2001

Pepper Pilgrimage

Time was, a craving for pimientos de Padrón could be satisfied only in Spain. Then along came a gardener from New Jersey

Jan 2005

Some Like It Not Hot

Cuenca may be Ecuador’s cultural capital, but let’s face it, there are no iconic sights here to check off your list, no cutting-edge chefs competing in its eateries for the world’s culinary spotlight. The author, nothing if not a connoisseur, couldn’t care less. In fact, he’s back for thirds.

The Man Who Came to Dinner

To help celebrate the 70th birthday of legendary journalist and gourmand R. W. Apple, Jr., the author travels to Paris for the meal of a lifetime.

Apr 2005

Once Upon a Market

In the south of France, one man recaptures the glory of the perfect tuna sandwich.

Feb 2001

A Bowlful of Dreams

At the Manhattan lunch counter of Calvin Trillin’s reverie, some things never change: It’s always New Mexican Day, and the blue plate special is posole with a side of chile, red or green.

Oct 2002

Mozzarella Story

A cheese ritual.

Dec 2013

Capital Fellows

London’s mayoral race is serious entertainment.

Apr 2008

The Color of Blood

Race, memory, and a killing in the suburbs.

Mar 2008

No Daily Specials

Customs of a New Orleans roadhouse.

Nov 2010

Rag Time

What I bought last summer.

Sep 2006

Lost Son

Finding the family he left behind.

Mar 2005

Dissed Fish

The strange attraction of snoek.

Sep 2004

The Last Babyfoot

Wandering the world in search of a foosball table.

Sep 1986

Last Days of the Rickshaw

Kolkata is bent on burnishing its modern image—and banning a potent symbol of India’s colonial past.

Turducken Town

You’ll have to slow down for the speed trap, so you might as well stop in Maurice, Louisiana, for a bite to eat. Thanksgiving turducken, anyone?

Knowing Johnny Jenkins

Right up to his gruesome end, the rare-book dealer lived a life exciting enough to be a bestseller.

Oct 1989

American Royal

Kansas City tries to shed its cow-centric image.

Sep 1983


Leaving academia for the life of a sleuth in San Francisco.

Nov 1978

It’s Our Name

One small business owner’s fight against trademark laws.

Jul 1988

Outdoor Life

Edwin Dyer is a religious man, a good father, a lover of the outdoors—and a pedophile.

Aug 1986

Frenchy and the Persians

Busting a gang for stealing and selling antiques.

Jun 1987

Democracy in Action

Selecting a grand marshal for the St. Patrick’s Day parade is breaking tradition.

Mar 1988

Prix Du Hamburger

The French know their fries but can they replicate the classic American fast-food burger?

Dec 1983