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Two Brothers, One Ocean, No Fish

Two weeks of every month, Mark and Dean Soares of Anegada, British Virgin Islands (population 180), head fifty miles out into the Atlantic, looking for big fish. Nowadays, their catch isn’t the only thing on the line.

Jun 1998
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Lord Long Arms, I Presume?

Shark attacks are on the rise, scaring surfers back to shore and igniting a debate over where to place the blame.

Mar 1993
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The O-Ringen Orienteering Races

Sweden's most popular sporting event sends thousands of enthusiastic, obsessive competitors into the wild armed with maps, compasses, and a nose for cross-country adventure.

May 1998

The Restless Man

Kayaking an untamed marshland.

Oct 2005
By Exclusive

Texarkana to Terlingua

Driving diagonally through Texas, from the Piney Woods to the mining towns along the border.

May 1998

Jungle Gym

Welcome to Bigfoot’s winter hideaway, where unclimbed mountains, roaring whitewater, and a new luxury eco-lodge await you.

Dec 2001

The New Island

Montserrat is not rising from the ashes. Montserrat is the ashes. And the mighty volcano is not yet finished.

Nov 2000

The Hydroponic Dreams of Laird Hamilton

He was born in a bathysphere, baptized in surfboard resin, raised in the rainforest in Hawaii. Who else is ready to ride the biggest wave on earth?

Jun 1994

Percival Gordon, King of the Howlers

In praise of the jungle guide. And a warning: From Miami, you can be in Monkey River, Belize, in three hours. The return trip may take much longer.

Nov 2000

Vanishing Point

Drop anchor or drift away? The threat of rising seas is forcing the island nation of the Maldives to confront an obliterated future—and all options for survival are on the table.

The Happy, Wholesome, Hip-Hop Life of the Mammoth Teenage Death Dwarfs

High on the mountaintops, the kids are winning.

May 2004

I Am Birdman, Hear Me Roar

Long before extreme sports, there was the Birdman race. The Rapu Nui tribesmen of Easter Island braved perilous cliff dives and shark-infested waters in an anything-goes pursuit of glory. Bucky McMahon tries to re-create this proto-adventure race and escape with his dignity intact.

Nov 2009

Goatsucker Sighted, Details to Follow

Strange beast plunders Puerto Rico, Florida, Mexico. Livestock drained of blood, entrails. Citizens ignore authorities’ appeal for calm.

Sep 1996
By Editors Recommend


To the peerless Moles, practitioners of the gloomily claustrophobic sport of freshwater spelunking, the ultimate accomplishment is finding a virgin cave.
Oct 1996

Giro di Salame

On a vintage steed, over vertiginous hills of white gravel, suitcase overloaded with courage, Bucky McMahon battles through Italy’s infamous Eroica—a grueling, 127-mile “period cyclotouristic rally”—in hopes of dying just this side of glory.

May 2009

SUP Dude

Masochistic surf kook bent on taming very large stand-up paddleboard seeks Graveyard of the Atlantic for island-linking expedition entirely at whim of wind and waves.

Mar 2010

Where the Walking Shark Lives

It’s the antithesis of the bleached-out, overfished reefs that divers find around the world—a place where the sea is still bursting with life, and hope for the ocean endures. Pull on a tank in Indonesia’s remote Raja Ampat and witness diving’s final frontier.

Jul 2008

The Living Machines

Science, Natural Machines: These innovators steal their solutions to earth’s problems from Mother Nature.

Dec 2004

Kayaking Waterfalls

Scott was the first to go over, then Sheldon, followed by Polo. They all just disappeared, like medieval mariners sailing off the end of the earth.

May 2004

Big Freakin’ Laser Beams in Space

By shining a light on atmospheric turbulence, the Air Force’s Starfire Optical Range has taken the twinkle out of stars—and dramatically improved our vision of all that is above us.

Dec 2006

Science & Industry: Paul Moller

The problem? Every year we add five million cars to American roads but very few new roads to carry them. The roads we do have are in the worst state of disrepair ever. The solution? Paul Moller’s Skycar.

Dec 2003

Bathing in the Ganges, Searching for Madonna

A couple months ago, seventy million pilgrims gathered at the edge of the sacred river. It was the largest gathering of humans in history. The VIP pilgrims weren’t at all prepared for what they saw.

May 2001


Real adventure for regular guys.

Feb 2004

Kites + Stupid Human + Winter = Snowkiting

It sounds more like one of Wile E. Coyote’s bright ideas than a winter pastime: strap on a board and a giant kite and go careening across the snow.

Dec 2006