Mortal Knowledge

A Vancouver geneticist is helping people predict when their time might be up.

The Big Debate over the Oldest Life on Earth

One researcher says he has the oldest fossils ever found; another says that’s just mangled, pressure-cooked rock.

Dec 2011

The Diaper Farmer

Willem van Cotthem’s super-soil harnesses the power of Pampers to turn dirt into lush gardens.

Jul 2010

To Know or Not to Know

Genetic screening can answer life or death questions once known only to the gods. Such knowledge can be transformative. It can also be toxic.

May 2011

The World’s Rarest Twins

Sisters Krista and Tatiana Hogan are connected in more ways than one. Here’s a look into the lives—and futures—of Canada’s only craniopagus twins.

Jim Chu

Chief Jim Chu has modernized VPD methods, taken innovative approaches to crime prevention, and won kudos for the force’s handling of Olympic security. But the real test of his leadership lies ahead.

Father Abraham

The late Abraham Rogatnick’s ideas shaped the very DNA of Vancouver, and they have never been more relevant.

Made You Look!

The familiar becomes invisible. That’s why signs on the North Shore feature rhinos and dead bodies.

Weathering the Storm

Failure destroys some people. Others rise from the ashes, only to come back stronger. A guide to surviving tough times.

May 2009

An Atheist in the Pulpit

Public identity and private belief are never more at odds than when a preacher loses his faith.

Jan 2008

The Time Machine

It’s been called the biggest scientific project ever. And Vancouver scientists are poised to help understand the origins of the universe.

Power from the People

Wind, solar, tidal—all are battling for the renewable-energy crown, but what about the six billion highly efficient short-stroke engines in our midst? What about us?

Mar 2009

The Atheist at the Breakfast Table

Nonbelievers are growing in number. So why are they still sitting in the next pew with their kids?

May 2012

The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian

Olga Kotelko, 91, is shattering track-and-field records—in her age group—and testing theories about aging.