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Good Cop, Bad Cop

WADA, The International agency that oversees drug testing in sports, has done a solid job of cleaning up some rotten games. But a growing number of critics contend that it’s become overzealous and arrogant, sometimes trampling the civil liberties of athletes in the process. As the case of Winter Olympian Zach Lund illustrates, they have a point.

Jan 2010
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It’s the Dog in You

An Oklahoma veterinary scientist named Mike Davis says there’s no doubt about it: The world’s greatest athletes, of any species, are the canines who pull sleds at the Iditarod. Now, in a project funded by the Pentagon’s research arm, he’s coming up with ways to make us more like them.

Mar 2010
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Big Fish

There’s a determined man chasing Lance Armstrong, and he has a harpoon: Jeff Novitzky, a brilliant and relentless federal agent who’s out to prove that bike racing’s greatest champion cheated and lied.

Oct 2010
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The Awful Truth about Drugs in Sports

Cheaters can’t be stopped. Testing costs a fortune. It’s shockingly easy to beat the system. The drug cops are perpetually playing catch-up. Says who? Drug-testing expert Don Catlin, that’s who. He’s the doping detective who helped break the BALCO scandal wide open—and the man who’s about to launch a radical new campaign to finally solve the problem.

Jul 2005