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Burning Injustice

Shaky evidence sent Sonia Cacy to prison for burning her beloved uncle to death. Now she's destitute and fighting the state to clear her name.

Dec 2013
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The Storm Chaser's Last Ride

Tim Samaras had an uncanny knack for finding tornadoes. Then one found him.

Aug 2013
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The Killings in Kaufman

Two public officials dead and a third behind bars: Politics turn bloody in a small town.

May 2013
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A White Buffalo’s Death Breeds Suspicion and Lies

Lightning Medicine Cloud was born a sacred symbol. Then money got involved.

Nov 2012
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Imaginary Monsters Chased Jonny Holden All His Life, Then a Real One Caught Him

The sad life and horrifying death of a mentally-ill inmate.
Sep 2012
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Quark of Fate

How Texas came within an atom’s breadth of discovering the God particle.

Aug 2012
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How One Man’s Flaming Water Fired up a Battle between Texas and the EPA

Steve Lipsky’s epic battle and what it means for the future of fracking.

Apr 2012
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Can Accused Killer Seth Winder Stay Sane Long Enough to Stand Trial?

For the friends and family of Richard Hernandez, justice seemed imminent—until his accused killer’s medically induced competence slipped away.

Jan 2012
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Fear and Fracking in Southlake

In one of America’s wealthiest suburbs, an unlikely band of drilling opponents helped drive away the world’s biggest energy companies. Did they save the town or ruin it?

Nov 2011
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The Long, Dry Fall of the Texas Rancher

Ranchers are struggling to hold on to their herds during the driest year in Texas history.
Sep 2011
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Blood Diamonds

Violent South American thieves are stealing millions in precious gems … and getting away with it.

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Kevin Glasheen Fought to See Innocent Prisoners Compensated, Then Fought to Take Millions for Himself

The Lubbock lawyer teamed up with Innocent Project lawyer Jeff Blackburn to see the state compensation for exonerees raised. Now both men are under fire from their clients.

Aug 2011
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A report from inside Tennessee’s execution chamber.